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What the fuck are they putting in that cartoon sauce at McDonald’s? I won’t even tolerate a 10 minute wait at In-N-Out.


They’re probably all standing in line so they can get a packet and sell it on eBay for $600. Or rather try to sell it. I don’t get people.


I came across this PSA and felt it should be shared (please note: there are a series). I just have no other words …


Strangely, from the same director:


That is an accurate depiction of what eating Halo top ice cream is like.
(It’s bad)


Since we’re approaching Halloween:


The syllabus clearly said no pomegranates in class.


Uplifting song “Rise Up” sung by a children’s choir in Baltimore.




@MrTibbs LOL That was awesome.




Reminds me of:


Lloyd does random history stuff, dancing and things like swords and medieval warfare.


The sea otter crosswalk in Moss Landing


Only in California would they tell you not to eat kale on the subway.


You don’t need to know the language in order to enjoy this video.
It’s a documentary about a cat with some sort of physical and/or neurological disorder who is rehabilitated by the people and other animals who live with him, especially the dog, who seems to instinctively know how to stimulate just the right areas of the cat’s body. The veterinarian involved probably had more to do with it, yet watching the dog in action was heart-warming.

At least, that’s what I got out of it. If anyone who does know the language happens to watch it, I’d be greatly interested to know exactly what is going on. WARNING: It’s an hour and a half long, but it’s relaxing, and there is no trauma in watching it.


For some reason, I was just mildly amused when you first posted this one. But after watching it again just now, it suddenly clicked, and I had tears of laughter streaming down my face as I watched it three more times. I guess you gotta be in the right mood.

Of course, I then went to check out all his other subtitled videos, many of which are just as good. Such as this one, a very angry Irish man, upset because he cannot find a can of soup.


Weather Channel getting photobombed by a bus.