Videos about Video Games (that are interesting)

I love these guys…

A 6 hour epic… “The Entire History of Video Games” by NeverKnowsBest

Just wanted to thank you for making me aware of Tim Cain’s channel.
Really fascinating insight into how some really great and important (to me) games were made.

Yeah, he is pumping out videos daily too. His D&D stories are fun.

Indigo Gaming document the rocky road, twists and turns of development of Diablo III…

Watching some of those Tim Cain videos caused the YouTube algorithm to spit out this lengthy retrospective on a mostly forgotten Ultima game I’ll never play but am apparently happy to watch a two-hour video on:

Play it! It’s free on GOG and totally playable today. Even better: Play the sequel, Martian Dreams! (It’s an even better game and less casually racist!)

QT3 ‘collectively’ played the Martian Dreams one a few years ago. Why not join in, nearly a decade later?!

I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t even enjoy the ‘good’ Ultimas, so I can’t imagine taking to this one.

For what it’s worth, Warren Spector said Martian Dreams was the BEST Ultima!

Oh yeah, that channel. It has some excellent videos - the ones on Myth and Crimson Skies are very good:

I always wanted to play Crimson Skies but never did (because deep in my heart I know I don’t like air combat games.) But I’ll happily watch a 2-hour video about it!

God, I loved that era of games so much. Joystick games weren’t dead yet, and they had a prominent space on my desk. Zipper Interactive was so amazing. Crimson Skies did have that late 90s/early 00s flaw of having certain missions that inexplicably hard, as if they didn’t do a balance pass on the games, and had wildly varying difficulty as a result. I certainly don’t miss that part about those games, but man, flying above the clouds, flying below the clouds, Crimson Skies was so good. It will probably look ugly these days, but I’ll still watch that video. Thanks for the link!

With Josh Sawyer as Albert Einstein

A video on showing map size comparisons. Done in a “powers of ten” type of way.

That was nice. I wonder why L.A. in True Crime: Streets of LA is so huge? Much bigger than the real L.A.?

Edit: Nope, real L.A. is 502 sq miles apparently, and according to that video True Crime’s LA is 240 sq miles. I haven’t played the game, that map makes it look like a tiny slice of L.A. maybe they had a larger than life scale to things in that game.

The accuracy of the video might be off in some cases I but I think it got most of them right.

Also different games have different traversal methods. I think LOTRO is larger then some of the games it shows after. Like Just Cause 2. But in Just Cause 2 you can basically fly really fast across the map. In LOTRO it will take you much longer because you have to walk or ride a horse and deal with the terrain. Also LOTRO is multiple maps. Moria, Gondor, and some other areas are not part of the original map but a new map separated by a loading zone.

Yeah, I wonder how different the run speeds are as well. It claims Asheron’s Call is bigger than Just Cause 2, but I ran from the bottom of the map to nearly the top in the beta with a character with high “run” stat in a few hours, maybe 5 hours I think. And if I don’t take a plane, just grapple-shoot my way across Just Cause 2 like I usually do, it took me longer than that, though I admit I never tried going in the same direction for 5 hours like I did with with AC.

Pixel a Day released another great video, this time about our problematic relationship with nature:

Thanks for posting this, interesting watch.

Here’s a look at the Ace Combat series from a YouTuber I’d never heard of before (thanks algorithm, I guess). For me, one of those series that seem cool, but I’ve never got into.