Videos about Video Games (that are interesting)

I’m going crazy waiting for Tim Roger’s Cyberpunk 2077 review. While I wait, I should watch all of Season 1 reviews again, ending with the Tokimeki Memorial review again.

NCG is back with a full retrospective of the Resident Evil series. It’s 7.5 hours, so this is not a thing you’ll be watching in one session, but it’s fun to refresh some memories or learn a bit more about the RE games one has missed/skipped.

If ‘unintentional’ video game absurdity tickles you as much as it does me I’d heartily recommend Let’s Game It Out to any not already familiar with it.

They’re also interesting, and illustrative, as to many of the technical and design problems surrounding player freedom, especially in open world titles.

The Planet Coaster one is the first I watched and had me in stitches:

One for any other Satisfactory fans here (bring your finest spaghetti fork):

I got the phone notification that Tim Rogers finally dropped that next review for Cyberpunk 2077.

This will have to wait until after work, of course.

I’ll watch it tonight.

Holy shit, only one hour? Did he hire an editor?

Lol, no. It’s closer to 10 hours if you click through for a choose-your-own adventure style playlist.

But you have to watch the first hour, if you want to know the specifics of which videos you might want to watch.

Note to self: Apparently it’s okay to watch the Robocop remake, the Total Recall remake and the Scarlett Johansson Ghost in the Shell, according to Tim Rogers.

…who is Tim Rogers?

Quirky weeaboo j-rpg retro game reviewer formerly of Motaku

Guy who’s been writing extremely too many words about video games since the early aughts.

After watching snippets of these videos, the “extremely too many words” seems quite apt.

Yeah, I did the intro and part 5, which was probably the best/worst choice to start with. I was going to jump to 6 tomorrow then do the conclusion, circling back to others later, but 5 has me reevaluating that position. (Not that I regret going with 5. It’s great!)

He did sell 5 and 6 the most in his intro, those are the ones I was thinking of going with too.

But then he did his spoiler warning saying I should play through the game at least once before watching any of the choices. So maybe I’ll do that. I’ll wait for the next-gen launch of Cyberpunk, play through it, and THEN watch 5 and 6.

Tim Rogers got really big with his 30+ minutes Dragon Quest XI review, which I enjoyed mostly because there seemed to be a guy who knew what he was talking about, even though I didn’t understood most of it. I like watching his videos, because he has this immense knowledge of videogame lore and he has passion.

He’s a developer too. He has a lot of insightful knowledge from his time spent in Japan.

Tim Rogers also wrote one of the first inside-looks into how social games on Facebook were designed for monetization, called who killed videogames? (a ghost story). Like everything he does, it’s loooong (notice there is a “Next Chapter” link at the bottom of that page–there are four chapters and an epilogue).

That article really made an impression at the time (2011).

I remember really disliking his verbose writing style a long time ago (mid 00s? Possibly before but at some point I came to love what I had time to read–I’m a slow reader so that probably explains a lot. What I’ve seen of his videos have also been fantastic. I’ve not played Action Button’s previous games but Videoball is one of my all-time favourite local multiplayer games with one of my favourite trailers (thanks to Tim’s writing and the voice guy).

Videoball imo is a great game and well designed. I’m a member of the only real videoball discord. A member has modded in proper multiplayer, and we play on tuesdays. The original multiplayer was quite bad. We’d love to have you join :)

Ohhh, I’ll definitely take a look and consider it. Thanks for the invite! :-)