Videos that you think are hilarious, but (almost) nobody else does

There’s two videos that I think are utterly hilarious, even years later, but when I share them on the “social medias” people are like … 😶 no reaction. In other words, apparently (almost) nobody else thinks these videos are that funny, whereas they slay me. They still do, in fact!

I present for your … complete and total non-reaction, I guess … the two videos in question:

What videos do you think are freakin’ hilarious that almost nobody else does?

(I would say the Too Many Cooks video is almost like this, but plenty of people seem to grok the slow burn of ramping insanity in that one.)

I actually kinda want that first video on my tombstone. Not even joking, really.

(I figure by the time I bite it, video tombstones will be a thing.)

We already have a video thread. Isn’t it counterproductive and redundant to start a new one? Hmmmmm? :)

Yeah but this one is pretty specific. Stuff you think that is funny, but gets no reaction from others – e.g. strip-mining your own weirdnesses. Anybody can link a funny video that everyone thinks is funny. That’s easy. Hey look George Carlin! Hey look {insert famous comedian here}!

I’m actually kinda curious why people don’t think these two videos are funny, because I swear to god they kill me dead every time. I just watched them again in fact.

(Was it the jesus kissing? I think it might be the jesus kissing.)

I like that comment. It actually describes my stupid stories here. Nice.

That first one is pretty funny, I think a bigger budget more popular song based on a similar premise would be Spring Break Anthem by Lonely Island.

That first one was awesome. The first part just kept going as an earnest sportsbro anthem, but I assumed something funny would happen eventually, so I stuck with it. Glad I did.

Nobody thinks that videos of goats screaming or yelling like people is funny except me apparently. I always laugh at this one, especially the last goat who goes “yeeeaaaaah”, which my friend tells me is a voice edited in but I just won’t believe it.

edit: oh and also @wumpus, those videos you posted aren’t funny. Like at all, man.

I dunno who you’ve been talking to, those goats are pretty great.

Oh, man. That one goat is my favorite goat because of this:

Also the dude arguing with goat at 1:25 is something I’ve linked a bunch. :P

Also, see if you dig the video below. I find it semi related to what you posted and also hilarious:

Dude! WTF? You’re like my number 1 fan on this thing and now I realize…


This is fucked up. A fucked up, sad, sad day. Dang.

See that’s what I’m saying. I lurve them and very few people respond to them in the same way.

Chevy trucks! Chevy trucks! Chevy trucks!

“Football” is a good joke.

The other one, “User Agreement”, is kind of conceptually funny, but it’s also almost too Scottish to understand, which definitely hampers my enjoyment a bit.

As far as I know, I am the only person who thinks this is brilliant. If anyone is like minded, I will fly to you in a plane and hug you.


If loving screaming goats is wrong then I don’t wanna be right.

My big (no so) secret is that I have very odd tastes myself. I’m really just teasing @wumpus about his taste in obscure video.

Also, that end user agreement one was THICK with Scottish. I still don’t know what he was saying at the end.

That’s actually pretty great. Observational humor about nothing.

Oh I thought you were talking to me, what with me being your biggest fan on Qt3 and all.

I regard this as a masterpiece of comedy. Almost nobody else does. It slays me every time. I remember watching it aired on UK TV even then I knew this was somethign special.

Dave, when can you get a flight to Grand Rapids cause I get a hug!