Videos that you think are hilarious, but (almost) nobody else does

For me, it’s The Hedge Sketch.

I totally get why someone wouldn’t think it particularly funny. It’s too clever by half, seemingly pointless, and has a no-punchline punchline. But it really works for me.

That’s great :)

I love all things Fry and Laurie. Actually the only thing I didn’t like in the whole thread so far was the Football one.

That spitting, yelling goat having an argument with the man is a family favorite, we still lose it every time we see it.

The first video @wumpus linked was in fact hilarious. Maybe if you like football not so much? Dunno. The second one I would agree is conceptually funny, but not so much in execution.

Aw! I am very grateful of your fandom-ness, divedivedive!

I’m very grateful and at the same time, I feel as if I am very undeserving, since I haven’t written anything in so long. I’m still thinking about my next book, so we will have to see what I can do to make it happen. I am actually very touched that you would say that. Thank you.

OMG… that first goat. Tears in my eyes.

You and I? We could be friends. Andy Daly may just be the funniest man alive.

This has me in stitches every time:

Well ok, standup then. I am a huge fan of Eddie Izzard and I remember showing some of his stuff to my wife, and his bit that he does about Engelbert Humperdinck always cracks me the hell up, especially the bit about his, you know, death. And my wife is stone-faced through the whole thing. Really makes me question my life decisions.

My wife thinks that skit is funny, but still, she asked me to turn it off after three minutes. Instead, I restarted it.

Just kidding, I turned it off. But I’m happy to have found some souls here (@anonymgeist and @jpinard and @Kemper_Boyd) who liked it!

I think this is hilarious. The wife, her sister and two friends do not.

Well that was my first experience with Bert Kreischer. I had to then go and look him up, as I’d never heard of the guy before.

Great story though. Are all of his stories that good?

I almost died laughing.

I understand that you are The Machine.

I don’t know how many others would think this is funny, but I really don’t get why this video is so unpopular. Shouldn’t it have at least 10,000,000 views instead of 40,000 like other elaborate dumb stuff? It doesn’t have any popular clones, either.

That’s great lol.

I don’t generally find Joe Cartoon funny, but this cracks me up every time. I’ve shown it to other people and without fail they have looked at me like I’m crazy:

…yeah. I think this one definitely qualifies for this thread. You’re crazy! ;-)

I chuckled quite a few times. Until the end. That seemed out of place. But then maybe that’s Joe Cartoon’s thing. Dunno.

Same reaction here.
I was mildly amused until then.
When it became apparent that it was indeed going to go there, I was disappointed.