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Since it is now 2018, I thought it time for a new thread.


Reviewing Movies We Didn’t See



Seeing how people react to seeing the moon was surprisingly moving. It made me smile.



Nothing new here for those of you, like me, who were around back then, but god how I miss Johnny Carson.

And here’s a classic clip (1974) featuring Rodney Dangerfield.
And here’s one with Joan Rivers hosting in 1985. Guests: David Lee Roth, Paul Reubens, Phyllis Diller, Cassandra Peterson.
Joan Rivers could always make me laugh. She was a classic.


We could do Carson clips forever.


AVE Youtube. Must watch for hardware geeks.


LOL, [in my best Carson imitation] I had not seen that one.


Cow art from space.

Found in this NPR story:



That’s great.
Loved this quote from the NPR story:



That was good. And it led me to:


Only had time for the first 5 minutes so far, but I assume the rest will continue to fit right in to my juvenile sense of humor…


I thought twice about posting this, but did it anyway.


She is awesome. Thanks for posting that :)


This is the best love story I’ve seen in a looooong, looooong time.


That was awesome. :D


The feels!