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Fallout 4 DLC: Quest to Quahog


What do you say to a man who writes ‘The Puppy Song’ and then writes ‘Jump into the Fire’? I really needed [to make that change], too; that was exactly what I was hoping would happen - Harry Nilsson


I have some demands. - Peter Griffin



Thanks so much for this! I had no idea this was a thing.

I was there like…25 or 30 years ago. I understand it’s much more restricted now, and for good reason. We were carrying shotguns in case we startled a bear, which we fortunately never came close to having to use… they were too stuffed with salmon!

It’s now my background … at least until the fall.


You may not want to watch this if you’re acrophobic:


Not for me. (Old man in Diner shopping n TV store voice).



the seventeenth studio album by American rock singer Iggy Pop.

Consisting partly of covers sung in French it was released on 9 May 2012 on Thousand Mile Inc after the album was rejected by Virgin EMI Records. Pop said his record company would have ‘preferred that I do a rock album with popular punks’ and that "They didn’t think they would make any money, they didn’t think my fans would like it - very sensible attitudes for a sensible sort of person - but that’s a different sort of person than I am."

Iggy Pop is King of the Universe.

Solo work from famous musicians. That is interesting. (heh)

It’s no flying car, but I wouldn’t turn one down.


The “Disco” Trans Ams.
I remember these when they were new. I never owned one. They were too expensive for one thing, and at the time, I thought they were kitch. The ones I owned tended to be the more common “standard” models with good options.

However, when this exact car appeared in “Joe Dirt”, I thought it was gorgeous. Overkill, yeah. But I love it nonetheless.



I saw this a month or so ago. Excellent thesis. Rock - Blues = No Rock.


I saw this on reddit. Really nice visualization.


DJ Cummerbund has been knocking his mashups out of the park recently, some highlights:



This is what it sounds like when a universe is created.


Yep, I’ve been re-living my former automotive glory days on YouTube lately. The 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge was a car that I always lusted after, but could never come close to affording. My brother did have a 1970 GTO, but not the Judge variant. These cars were a nice combination of good looks, luxury, and performance.

While looking up some current prices, I am surprised to see that you can still pick up a decent example of a Judge in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. I don’t know why I continue to beat myself up window shopping these old cars, as I currently just feel fortunate if I can keep my 20-year-old Explorer running, but it’s fun. Yes, it’s also frustrating, and a useless exercise, but nostalgia must serve some sort of purpose, right?


Reliving my car “glory days”…well…not the same…

Boredom ended up winning. In 1989. Sad face.


This is a car I actually did own: A 1972 Chevelle SS 396/402 with 89,000 actual miles. I bought it in 1989 for $4,500. It had just been fully restored, and the prices on these cars had not yet begun to skyrocket. It had a show-quality paint job with its factory color of deep forest green, and had a brand new white convertible top. A power top, but the hydraulic pump that powered the top was from another car, as I never could locate the correct one. The interior was also restored to its factory white bucket seats and automatic floor shift in the center console. It also had its original factory rally wheels complete with beauty rings. It also had factory air conditioning, which was a somewhat unusual option in a convertible.

The motor was a brand new and correct crate motor direct from General Motors. Correct in that while the numbers of course did not match, it was an exact replacement spec motor from that year. It ran so smooth, you could balance a quarter in its edge on the air cleaner cover, and it did not shake. Because it was a brand new engine, it also got 16 mpg on the highway (12 city), which was very good for a big block motor from that era.

This video is as close as I could find, as it looks identical to mine, except that the one in the video has a 4 speed manual, while mine was an automatic.

This second video is also very similar to mine, except for the body color, engine, and transmission.

I kept it (stored in a garage when I wasn’t driving it) for years. It was terrific fun, but the business I owned at the time started to experience financial difficulties, so I sold it to raise money. I sold it for $6,200. Right about then, the value of these cars started to appreciate drastically. He kept it for about 6 months, and sold it for $14,500. The guy he sold it to sold it two years later to a collector in Minneapolis for $47,000. And that’s the last I know about it. I have heard that it was sold yet again for even more money, but I have no idea when, where, or for how much.