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Awesome video and story, Giles. I always wanted a Chevelle or a GTO. One day…


Hey, if you loved the car, that’s really all that matters. I will never make fun of someone else’s pride and joy. My girlfriend speaks very fondly of her old Ford Maverick. It certainly wasn’t my kind of car, but she took great care of it, and thus it was great transportation for her for many years. And really, isn’t transportation the primary reason for owning a car? I wish I had that attitude back then, because becoming an actual muscle car “enthusiast” wound up costing me a small fortune over many years, when instead I should have been focused on trying to buy a house, which is something I’ve never accomplished, primarily because I “wasted” so much of my efforts on cars I loved.


I hated it. I wanted a '65 or '66. I got dreck. :)


That was a Mustang II, wasn’t it? I feel for you. My first car was a '79 Ford Futura. Also dreck.


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Lauren Becall begs to differ.


I find it hard to believe that the 1980 Ford Futura got 38 mpg (hwy). That’s not exactly what I’d call a small car.


And the internet is still grateful for the origin of term (in the fine print on the ad), YMMV. :)


Okay, I should have said anywhere near 38 mpg.


I think it’d be closer to say 22, myself.


It had a straight 6, and if it got 38 mpg, it would have been because it was being towed at the time, which it often was. Lauren Bacall lied to me. She lied! And I’ve never gotten over it.



Yeah, I know. That’s why her lie was so crushing.



No video embed option on this one, so you have to click to watch. Very brief (pun intended).

I love how cool and collected the store clerk appeared to be, during and after.


Repeated clip sharing by @ChristienMurawski made me see these out. The whole magilla is available on YouTube.


I just saw this for the first time. Don’t know how I missed it all these years. What’s really “Holy Shit!” about it to me is that he’s doing this on a 12-string.


In case you were curious.


And this is great if you just want a nice nap.