Videos - YouTube and Beyond

I thought I’d only seen him in A Knight’s Tale, but as it turns out, I’ve seen loads more movies with him in it. Nice!

Bobby Fingers is back. I’ve actually never seen a trailer for a YouTube video before, but if anyone should have one it’s Bobby Fingers.

And here’s the video itself. Not as much a masterpiece as the Bezos video but pretty damn awesome:

Cats are amazing. Once their targeting system locks on, you’re toast.
Also, this was movie quality. Really nice stabilization on that camera.

Ya, I have no idea what kind of camera that is, or how it’s mounted on the cat, but it looked like a Miami vice chase scene.

I bet it’s a drone camera. I have a nice 4K one with image stabilization that weighs 30g.

Okay, I must admit that a half-hour video about a diorama didn’t immediately grab my interest, so I wasn’t going to watch it, but I was wrong. That was amazing. Thank you. I guess I’m going to need to check out the Bezos one next.

This video has more than simple diorama construction. This has goose/fabio ballistics testing.

So much more.
Not only is the diorama intricate; the entire video is. So much time and effort, sometimes for just a few seconds of video.

Here’s Martin Scorsese’s latest…

Jenny is back! Her first video since November 2022.

little girl sqeeling noises

As a Disney and Star Wars fan with some disposable funds, the Galactic Starcruiser should’ve been right in my wheelhouse, but I never had any desire to go once it was revealed that you were basically locked in for the full stay like a cruise ship that’s been quarantined just out of the harbor. It was an insane price for an insane experience.

They would’ve been better served by just making a hotel with Star Wars aesthetics and food next to the Black Spire location. Make it look like the starcruiser landed at the site and you were just space tourists. Simpler, cheaper to make and staff, and likely a lot more popular for the guests.

Munecat has a new one out. If you know her previous work, you can guess where her take on evolutionary psychology is going.

Does anyone else get completely random videos appearing in prime placement on their YouTube page? I’ve been noticing this for a while now. It’s not someone famous. It’s just a random person, in a topic I’ve never really watched before. And the video has like, maybe, a couple dozen views and is about a day old.

Like St Louis Favorites. I’ve never been to St Louis. I have no idea whot his person is. This person posted a video yesterday and it has 30 views. But for some reason, YouTube thought it merited placement.

I finally finished Jenny Nicholson’s Star Wars Hotel video by watching it in chunks.

Holy crap. The experience actually sounds worse than I thought it would be. I assume some of the klunkiness was due to her being in one of the very early schedules when they were still working out some issues, but the core experience still seemed pretty bad.

I’m still gobsmacked by the fact that anyone thought having a cosmetic pillar in the dining hall was a good idea.


My understanding is this is how “the algorithm” works. It’s guessing you might watch this because some non-zero number of other users who share one or more of your “characteristics” (as far as YouTube knows) have watched it. If people watch the video, it recommends it to more and more people. If no one does, it stops recommending it.

Yeah, agreed on the first point, and the cruise-starship-next-to-Black-Spire-Outpost thing is a good idea because you’re a reasonable person, but Disney was determined to squeeze every last dollar and cent from its customers that it could, so it built a concrete box on the cheapest land it had (its employee parking lots) and charged an exorbitant amount to have a mediocre-to-bad time interacting with a semi-functional phone app inside it for the shortest conceivable “cruise” length it could think of.