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Feeling VERY Mainstream Metal-ly and reverting to 12 years old tonight.

Whatevs. Don’t judge. The song kicks ass.


I wish Van Halen were still a group of happy chappies. They looked like they were having so much fun back in the late 70s. :(


I found out about these “Zero” demos they did with Gene Simmons producing in "76 while noodling around tonight. A lot of these songs were redone later.


OK, @Giles_Habibula turned me on to Rick, and I haven’t seen this one. Keeping the theme going.




There is no possible universe where that is a “finger”.


The Adventures of Double Rainbow Guy and His Dumbshit Family


Joan Jett sings a few tunes. Time set to her entrance.



That is the best thing I have seen today.


I forgot how great this Music Video was:


One of Queen’s best songs too, for my money.


I corrected your statement up there. You made a mistake.


Well … I’m not the biggest Queen fan really, so I’ll leave it for others to argue. More of a Bowie guy, which is why this song stands out for me.


I like Queen, but I’ve seen Bowie 4x live and owned every album on Vinyl (when that was a thing), and so, yeah, agree.


Wait, are we talking about the best Queen song ever?


I’ve got a soft spot for this one:


You kids and your mainstream Queen…