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The YouTube app says this is live, but I doubt it.


It says “Livecam highlights” now, they probably got some feedback about that.


This is from an immature movie, but Will Forte’s complete commitment to such a absurd character never fails to make me laugh.


Tim and Eric made a movie? I did not know that.


Billion Dollar Movie is probably only for Tim and Eric apologists, but I love Will Forte’s and Tim’s performances so much.

And now for something completely different, Ahoy (producer of the most slick gaming content on Youutbe) released a brilliant Amiga documentary, which is absolutely worth checking out.


Yeah, the Brooks and Riffles cams are offline for the season. :(

There’s still the Wapusk National Park cam, for Polar Bears and other wildlife. Not quite as good, but at least there are plenty of bears to watch.



If you tire of polar bears, you can switch over to the grey seal babies - who look suspiciously like a bald eagle to me right now

Now its a baby seal…


Thanks for the grey seals. The Polar Bears feed is actually just a loop of their highlights. (Also has very little sound.)


What’s the name of that band?
The HU.
The Who?
No, The HU.
That’s what I said!
Third base.



Yea that was awesome!


I purely love haka.


Incredible, love it! Now the next time I need to explain what a Venn diagram is, I’ve got the perfect example.



Now I need to know what else NZ Rugby and F&F have in common besides haka.

Speaking of Momoa, he hosted SNL last weekend and I found this sketch pretty amusing.




Haha, that made my day! :)