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I’ve had like, 30 friends share that Toothless video with me. It’s hilarious.

Also, found this today:



That was fun although I bet it would mean more to me if I had actually watched Parks and Rec.


OMG dude. Dude. Duuuude. Skip season one and just dive in. It’s so good. So. good.


Season 1 while the weakest, should still me watched imho. :)


I think once you’re invested in the show, you can go back and check it out, but it’s neither necessary nor fun.


It’s got Ron Swanson in it. It’s necessary.


He’s probably the character they had the best handle on in season one, because he doesn’t change much season two onward (well he does, they all do, but still). Anne also was pretty well set too.


I think that’s one of those “smart” kind of comedies right, like the The Office. I don’t usually care for those, but I like them in snippet form which I usually see on Facebook.


I also didn’t like the office because it was just so…morose. This is far, far more optimistic and uplifting.


Well I might put it on the list then, one of my streamers must have this. The holidays pause is going which is part of the reason I have a movie uptick. I might catch up with movie club during my break too.


According to JustWatch, all seven seasons are currently available on Prime, Netflix and Hulu!


And I have all of those!


You’re spoiled for choice! I do hope you start this journey.



We just watched that one. It’s hilarious. If I ever want to deter package thieves, I’ll hire a rocket scientist!


Is that the trick? I keep trying to watch it and it really doesn’t click.


Yeah, with season one they were trying to be all dour and mean like The Office, and found that didn’t work, so with the second season, they changed track to a much more optimistic direction, made everyone much smarter and more likeable, and added the amazing Adam Scott and the wonderful Rob Lowe into the mix.


This thread had me 😂

It has this video but I think the context helps. Canadians! 😂


So that viral video of Mark Rober, designing the glitter / fart bomb for package thieves? Turns out he may have paid the people to participate: