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Short enough for the gif thread, but not technically a gif and I prefer to avoid the wrath


Oh man, that was spot-on! Works here in ND too.



I love those marble videos. Watched them with my kids just a few days ago, and we were rooting for a team just like in the real Olympics, but it was so much sillier and more focused and didn’t take 2 weeks. :)

Thanks to the post(s) above with tool restoration/reimagining. So much fun to watch people do this stuff.


That restoration video brought me to this art restoration, which went way different than I thought!

My first guess to what the dude was going to do was “throw it in a furnace and re-paint it from scratch”. Alas, I was wrong.




And even groovier:





Pretty sad that most scores these days forego the melody for “atmospheric” / “percussive” noise. Hardly any themes or humable music created for movies anymore.


Has this incredible thing been posted already? A Big Band version of “Still Alive” from Portal with some dude singing his ass off as faux Frank Sinatra:

You’re welcome.