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I approve of this song.


Sorry - nothing you guys can counter with will outdo the single syllable at 2:39


There is some bullshit happening somewhere…


Speaking of Animaniacs, you may recall they had a song of the Nations of the World once upon a time. Well, in the decades following, there have been a few changes, nations come and go, names change, things can be different. Well, they updated the song too!


Some days (today being one of those), I feel like this:

Warning: do not listen with young children in the room, or they will be very proficient at using the f-word. :)


The most useful thing to have for the internet these days:

Not remotely SFW.


BMW pedestrian avoidance system in action.


Neil kinda day…


The one take version of Chandelier is probably her best video, but this is my favorite:


I like Sia’s older stuff quite a bit. This is probably my favorite of hers. I love how silly she is:


Highlights of last night’s World of Outlaws race in Vegas. Make sure you stick with it to the last lap.


All the recipes below look amazing, but I really want to try the Eastern European-inspired cake on a spit. The recipe calls for 120 eggs, 3 kilos of sugar, and 2 liters of rum! It’s like a cake kebab.



As long as I was at the ‘Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel’


Tripped across this not long ago and really enjoyed it - Stairyway to Heaven, Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra


My favorite Tom Lehrer song (and the perfect one for the month of March):