Vietcong 2 announced

I hope its as good as the original.
I sill think Vietcong has the best FPS singleplayer firefights. No other game has had firefights as intense and dynamic as Vietcong.

Any word who’s developing it (ie is Illusion still assisting?).

It doesn’t say, I would assume Petrodon the makers of the first game.

VC was a very underrated FPS. I liked it a lot, modulo the common complaints about agonizingly bad friendly AI and a couple of the instadeath missions. It felt a lot like a “CoD Lite”, and I wonder how much better it might have been if they had used a better engine and been given a budget more than like thirty bucks.

Liked the first Vietcong, despite some really hit and miss mission design, but what I would really like is a game where you play as an actual Vietcong soldier. It would be a tough game to sell politically, of course, but I think a jungle-based stealth combat title, with team tactics, traps, tunnels etc. would be really interesting to play.

I’d reverse that- if there was ever a “lite” game CoD was it. Pretty strictly an on rails theme park ride. It was all one long setpiece. I wonder if they are having trouble coming up with levels for CoD 2 without any more Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, or episodes of Band of Brothers being produced?

I thought VC had much better level design and gave the player a lot more choices while still presenting periodic exciting setpieces.

Ayup, VC1 was a great ride in both single and multi-play (co-op!). I particularly loved the way they did “guns”, what with the iron-sights aiming/firing. Kneeling, aiming, and firing off controlled shots/bursts was the key to success and bunny-hoppers needed not apply. Oh, and the way you could “brace” your weapon on cover for added stability. Awesome.

I would assume Petrodon the makers of the first game.

Not to mention the makers of a little gem called Flying Heroes. Go, Pterodon!


For all the not-so-good points (the voice acting, a couple of dodgy missions and the weird necks/faces on the characters), there were so many things done right in VC - the iron sights, ducking for cover behind logs and popping up and the way firefights so intense that it’s my favourite shooter since OFP.

It’s good to see it back :)