Vietcong help

Does anybody here know how to either skip a level or get more or unlimited equipment items(in this case lightsticks)? I’m at the “About to uninstall this frigging game” frustration because of that fucking rat tunnel level where they give you a a whole 5 lightsticks to find your way around. I’m not going to spend any more time trying to find my way around staring at a black screen listening to footsteps.

Who the fuck thought this level would be fun?

I have been thinking about getting this game due to Tom’s 5 star review, but I have read about a couple of issues like yours so I am waiting to see what a wider audience thinks.

Bill from wrote:

Vietcong has finally done it. I’ve played it for several weeks, savoring some of the excellent mission design, but in spite of its obvious brilliance it is also deeply flawed. Yesterday I finally gave up on one of the later missions, switched into God mode, finished the level, and called it quits. Some games force you to finish them, and Vietcong has that kind of pull, but it is so uneven in execution that it finally broke my will to continue. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in a few days, but this game should have been a strong GOTY candidate and it’s diminished by the general lack of play balancing and polish. In spite of this, it is clearly (to me) the most interesting game of the year, even if it’s not the best.

The best game that you aren’t able to finish with God mode. Oh well.


“F” is for flashlight… :)

I did this too. They don’t mention the flashlight in the manual at all but it’s in the controls setup screen.


Surprisingly, the game fails to tell you that you are given a flashlight in that mission (edit: Greywind says F key), so cheer up.

And I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the sequence after emerging from the tunnel crawl is terrible too.

Hmmm Ok. Never noticed the flashlight in the setup. Not sure whats the point of having the lightsticks for then. Back to the game.

In a later tunnel mission they are semi-helpful to make sure you don’t retrace your steps.

– Xaroc

"In a later tunnel mission they are semi-helpful to make sure you don’t retrace your steps. "

Yes, I’m currently finding that out…

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, gang, but I’ve just uninstalled Vietcong and I need to vent.

I love Illusion Softworks. Mafia was my pick for GOTY last year. The first couple levels of VietCong were fantastic, and I was totally drawn into the game world. Then, came this POW mission. POW is right.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated in my life. If I didn’t try this level 20 times, I didn’t try it once. And I’m playing on Easy, because I heard the game was hard (which, up to this point, it certainly was not).

This level is so colossally bad, so poorly designed, it’s almost a crime. First, there’s 20 minutes of slogging through a swamp with a couple VC easily dispatched by AI squadmates. Then, you finally get to the village to rescue the POW and it’s impossible to complete the level.

Now, I didn’t have a problem with The Race level from Mafia, but that level ruined that game for a ton of people who gave up at that point. What is it with Illusion Softworks that they feel they have to toss in a level that is such a stopper, it practically forces gamers to uninstall?

Where I have influence, I try to impress upon developers that Easy means “for gamers who want to play through the story without dying.” Normal means “for guys with a little more time on their hands who like a little bit of a challenge” and Hard means “for gamers with l33t skillz only.” Is that so difficult to grasp?


Then, you finally get to the village to rescue the POW and it’s impossible to complete the level.

It’s not impossible, but it is frustrating.

You have to time getting the POW out of his cage just right. I recall it probably took me about a dozen reloads, but I eventually got it. Check some walkthroughs or Gathering’s official forums if you need help with the precise timing.


Ruh, roh. I just bought Vietcong. I’m enjoying it so far. Have run into a few scripting problems, but most have been easy enough to trigger if I mess around. I haven’t found the AI particularly impressive, but maybe I don’t know what to look for. I should probably dig up the other thread (or the published reviews), but would anyone care to elaborate on what’s good about the AI?

Do I have to play on something other than easy? I was playing a mission early on where VC attack me in a village. Looking for cover, I stumbled into a vietcong hiding place and manged to shoot them all before they could kill me. When I killed the two guys, they were hunched over their guns, taking aim at something across the way. :)

Also, is there a crouch mode? If I press KP0 or Right Control, I seem to do the same thing–lay down on the ground. I want to be able to have two positions: crouch and laying down. What am I missing?

I believe shift is crouch and ctrl is prone, but it’s all probably remappable anyway so just set it to what you need.

I’m playing through Vietcong for a third time (Why? Best firefights of any game. As the man said in Patton, “I love it. God help me I do love it so.”) and just played the POW mission last night. It’s a great, great mission, but only when it works right. There are WAY too many things you are supposed to do, but not nearly enough obvious clues to figure it out.

The critical thing in this mission is to follow Nhut, and consult your map frequently. The game does a poor job of telling you this. The map contains a diagram of where everyone is supposed to be and (more importantly) where you are supposed to be. There are also several scripted events during the mission that will not happen if you are not in the correct place (which you follow Nhut to reach). For example, after you and Nhut take out the two guards overlooking the village, you have to walk up to where they were positioned. That will trigger a scripted binocular overview of the village, and your character verbally notes there are only three guards patrolling the village.

Now, if you look at your map, you will see a dotted line running down the side of the village and indicating the path you are supposed to take over to the POW cage. On the way in, you have an opportunity to take out at least two of the patrolling guards with your silenced pistol (you brought that, right?). Once they are down, you can walk up to the cage and take the POW out the way you came in. Problem is, that won’t trigger the conditions that allow you to regain control of your squad and finish the mission. So, take your POW out a little ways, then look at the POW cage and hit the “use” key to signal Bronson to start the fireworks. Work your way back to the extraction point, killing any remaining guards. I just took cover, broke out the AK, and killed all the guards before retreating. Hornster and Bronson did a good job of killing a few guards and providing flanking fire. Once you have command of the squad again, order them to follow you and beat feet for the extraction point. Once there, call in the chopper, and it’s Mission Complete.

Knowing now what to do, I can see the plan they had for this mission. Unfortunately, if a player deviates from the script at any point, it pretty much breaks the mission. It’s like an English sports car - when it works, it is lots of fun, but most of the time it doesn’t work.

Stick with it, though. Your next mission is Search and Destroy, which is a nice, straightforward shoot-em-up. It’s also the first mission where you can select the M16.

I played another mission tonight and it’s starting to grow on me. I was expecting something like Flashpoint, but it looks like in this game players can take unrealistic levels of damage (at least on Easy). Now that my expectations are in line, it’s not so bad.

My problem is that I don’t play many games, so I don’t ever really pick up a bad game–I wait to hear good stuff from you guys before I indulge. As a result, I prolly end up expecting too much from the good ones.

Yeah, I looked and their are two positions, each mapped to two different keys, but I only seem to get the prone position no matter which key I press. I will have to change the keys and see what that gets me.