Vietcong help!

I usually don’t ask for help when playing a game but Vietcong has me stumped. I’m fighting in the jungle and I need to find the enterance to the tunnels. I can’t find the damn enterance!

And everytime that I look for the enterance more VC reappear and my guy says “Shit I thought I cleared this area.” or “I need to find the enterance.”

I searched EVERYWHERE! I cannot find the enterance.

thxs for help. :D

Check under “Add/Remove Programs.”



go all the way to the end of level. looking around you should see one of those sticks that indicates a booby trap, but its not . crouch around and IN the side of the hill, you should see a tunnel. its totally obscured by vegetation, but it is by the booby trap stick by the hill.

thxs man.

If I remember correctly, at the end of the level you reach a bunker opening in a little culdesac. If you follow the wall of the culdesac to the right of the bunker opening, you will find the entrance behind a camo screen right where the culdesac starts.