Vietcong: how much interest?

I’ve enjoyed the multiplayer demo. The stream has some great chokepoints and hideouts. This link has some very impressive screenshots. I still say this engine is the future of Jagged Alliance 3.

SC4 test team played it against the BF1942 test team at work when it first came out, our collective impression amounts to “Meh.”

For what it’s worth.

It’s definately a very attractive game from the screenshots.

Out of curiousity, in multiplayer is one side playing as USA and the other is charlie?

If so, I would find it somewhat disturbing. Maybe it’s hypocritical of me, because I can play as any faction in BF1942 without any qualms, but my dad fought in vietnam and it turns my stomach to think of a game that would let you play as the opforce there.

I know it’s just a game, but the idea bugs me.

I was pretty happy with how DF:Black Hawk Down did it’s multiplayer with USA-red team and USA-blue team. It made it feel more like a war game… more fake, if you will, but in a good way. No one could play the role of the opforce and delight in killing americans.

How’s playing as the Viet Cong any different from playing the OpFor in BF1942? The brutality of the Germans and Japanese is well documented.

I just think it’s kind of silly to be okay with BF1942 and have an issue with someone playing the VC or NV.

Actually I was hoping for the opposite, I would like to play the VC in the single player game.

Not to offend you or your father who I am sure did his duty, but not everyone agrees who was the good guys and bad guys in that war.

Guido, i think lokust already saw that one coming when he said he was feeling hypocritical.

FWIW, i felt the same way when i heard there was going to be a game called ‘viet-cong’, right down to immediately remembering how BF1942 didn’t bother me and thinking that was kinda odd.

Σ :
Maybe Vietnam is just a little too recent to stomach.
Games about grampa’s war: allowable.
Games about dad’s war: weird.

That’s exactly my point of view Ace. I can’t give you a logical explanation as to WHY it bothers me. I just know that it does.

I don’t delight in playing as the Nazi’s either, or even as playing as terrorists in counterstrike, but lets face it - someone has to be on the other team.

Something about the vietnam setting makes it personal.

Yeah, we know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were there, but that is not my point. I feel that the US did the wrong thing by sending in troops, and I think nearly everyone agrees there. That has nothing to do with the personal connotations. Stories told by my father about narrow escapes, friends dying around him, and some of the twisted things the viet cong did to mess with their minds - suddenly I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. Just because WE (meaning the USA) may have been the bad guy there, doesn’t mean that HE (there because of the draft) was.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this, since I don’t have any hard logic to back up my point with. It’s just something I have strong feelings about.

(same guest as above)

Fair comment Lok. I know how you feel, there are some game themes I cant touch ,I dont find crime sims “fun” because I know people who have been affected by crime. Glorifying scumbags like the mafia makes my skin crawl.

I respect your feelings about vietnam.

Correct. They’ve got the straw hats and everything.

There’s something about Vietnam that makes it different from other wars as a potential subject matter for games. Maybe it’s because Vietnam was the first really filmed/televised war where we saw first-hand how brutal it was. Maybe it’s because we have relatives who were there and can relate first-hand accounts. Maybe it’s because the first wave of Vietnam-related films and books presented the conflict in a way that makes it difficult to handle.

Or maybe it’s because games right now don’t usually have the moral/story depth to deal with Vietnam as the complex issue it was. Most games never get deeper than Rambo, and that kind of superficial treatment doesn’t rest easily with people who take the given subject matter very seriously.

Correct. They’ve got the straw hats and everything.[/quote]

I haven’t looked at Viet Cong yet, but I’ll give Line Of Sight (the other 'Nam based shooter) credit for having NVA soldiers also, as opposed to stereotypically just using VCs in black pajamas.

Vietcong is a really interesting FPS. Other than the tedious “wall o’ foliage” level design, it’s rather unconventional in a lot of ways. I think this is by the same guys who did Mafia, right? If so, it shows.

I’ve only played through the first two story missions; there’s a lot to like here. However, what I find most impressive is the “quick combat” instant mission enemy AI-- it’s good. Surprisingly good. This kind of free-form bot AI is really hard to do correctly, particularly in jungle-type levels with lots of obstacles and bushes and whatnot, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work fairly well in this game. Try it yourselves.

Of course I can only select from a handful of weapons in quick combat because I haven’t “unlocked” the rest. Gag. What is this, a console game?

It’s a little early to tell… but Vietcong might end up being a little too story driven for my tastes. Regardless, I can definitely recommend it to fans of the genre without reservation.

OH SHIT. You mean there’s a level where you have to race a jeep against a bunch of VC driving ox carts?

I think this is by the same guys who did Mafia, right?
Well, not really. Illusion Softworks is involved, but most of the game was being developed at Pterodon. Comparable to Black Isle Studios’ and Reflexive Entertainment’s cooperation on Lionheart.

The unlocking bit is very similar to unlocking cars in free ride mode of Mafia.

I may have to bring Dark Cloud 2 back to trade for this game. I want to feel like a man again. :twisted:

The folks over at the Gone Gold forum are loving this game. But they have discovered that you need to download and install the no-cd crack in order to get decent framerates (safedisk rears its ugly head again).;f=2;t=011730

Someone said this was their favourite FPS since half-life. I think I’ll just pop by EB Games today and pick this up too. :)


I may pick this up today too. The demo is fun, but filled with ways to cheat. I know there is ways to ‘fly’ and thus shoot people who never think to look up to find you. I also suspect there are ways to hide in rocks or be invisible or something. Maybe its just me, but I get suspicious sometimes.

Also, the sound is wonky. I understand that hearing gets popped when a nade goes off near you, but other times your weapons just go silent, and many times I don’t hear the shots that get me.

However, when there is no cheating, and the sound is functioning properly, its a damn cool game. And if the single player is Mafia in Vietnam, then sign me up!

I picked this up today, and my first impressions are very good. As stated above you will definately need the no cd patch. When I first installed the game I almost cried due to the horribe framerates (on a GForce Ti and XP 1800. The game was virtually unplayable.

I quick visit to the Vietcong forums suggest the no CD patch, and it worked like magic. Now it is as smooth ats butter with everything turned up at 1280x1024.

The weapons models are absolutely incredible and the only weak point is the tree models, but I suppose there must be a trade off somewhere… So far I just have played the “instant action mode” and the basic training and I must say the game is totally immersive. The AI is fairly strong, and seeks cover, climbs over obstacles, and puts up a fairly good fight (even on the easy level (yeah I’m a wimp–> so what).

What is really interesting is that if you hit an enemy, they will aften fall to the ground, and if not killed, will try to get up and get under cover. and then return fire. Of course the AI will do stupid things at times, but overall my first impression as very favorable.

So far I haven’t had any of the sound anomolies mentioned above. Maybe that was just from the demo.

Just played the multiplayer demo for about a hour and can’t say I’m very impressed. Crazy map layout and shoddy weapon controls.