Vietcong POW mission

The first tunnel mission was such a buzzkill that I put Vietcong in my backlog, but I’ve finally gotten around to playing with it and the POW mission sucks ass. Not because I can’t get the guy out, but because of bizarre scripting errors. I kill the guards, free the guy, and try to escape. The game seems to understand that it’s time to go, but then it resets my objectives and the team goes back off my control and sets up around the village.

This is incredibly frustrating. I can get the POW out with no real problems, and the next time I tried I gave the signal to blow stuff up and do it “right” thinking that might fix it, but when I start back to the LZ the goddamn game decides I haven’t rescued the POW yet and everybody heads back to the village.

What gives here? Was I just unlucky twice? Is there a hidden secret objective that I don’t know about?

Yeah that mission had the most messed up scripting in the game. I don’t remember how I beat it, it did take several loads.

I posted a walkthrough for that mission in this thread:

They do a poor job of telling you what triggers you must hit to avoid breaking the scripting. The developers did surprise me though, as they managed to build an even worse mission in Fist Alpha!

Which one was that? Was it the one where you had to be sneaky and take out the guy in the bunker without being spotted or else instant fail.

Yes that mission totally sucked, but I don’t think it was worse than the POW mission.

Funny thing about that mission. I had played most the way through the game, and REALLY hated that tunnel mission. Then I saw someone else play the game and I just remember saying aloud “Huh, where’d the flashlight come from? I bet that really helps!”


I had trouble with that mission too. Everytime I would tell my team to join me they would barrel down the hill, fall, and die. Great fun.

That’s the one. With the guards that could see through foliage and the radio guy hitting the switch if I dropped a feather anywhere on the level, it was the 10,000 Reload War.