Vietnam '65 - Out Now


Glad you like it, Strollen!

Terrain has no effect on combat, which is fine by me. This is an operational level game with an emphasis on logistics, where terrain matters hugely. I don’t mind that it’s not getting down into the weeds with its basic combat calculations.

That said, if you really want a reduced change to hit, I think the weather in the upcoming update will oblige you. :)



Yeah, that was a great podcast. I listened to it twice actually, and it got me very intrigued about the game. (Pocket Tactics review is out, btw, for those thinking of this for an iPad.) I haven’t picked it up, as I’m not very grognardian, and because backlog, but I’m tempted.

And it was great to have you back on the podcast, Tom. You were missed.


I’ve played the game a ton now, and think I’ve mastered it… I’m working on Major General. I harder version of the game would be nice.

As the saying goes good general’sl study strategy great general’s study logistics. However, terrain was such important factor in Vietnam, I wish they had modeled it better.


PC version of Vietnam 65 direct from Slitherine can be had for 30% off ($7) now through 4/7 using [B]HappyEaster15 [/B]code at checkout. This applies to all Slitherine games, but can only be used once.

The code does not work on iOS or Steam versions.*

**but see tgb’s post two below this for how to get it on steam.


If I buy direct from the site can I still run it through steam? They just don’t provide a key right?


They do. You have to register it on the Slitherine site (NOT Matrix), and once you do a key is instantaneous.


Can this be played well without the keyboard? I’ve been looking for more touch/stylus-compatible games to use with my Surface Pro 3.


I don’t think it uses the keyboard at all.


There are hot keys. The keyboard is not really necessary to play.

Tom M


So i ordered of the slitherine site but i’m not seeing any Steam key. They sent me an email with the download link but I don’t see a way to register or get a steam key.


Perfect! I’ll probably pick up a copy tonight.


You have to register on the Slitherine boards and then register your game there. There will be a link to your steam key.


Believe it or not, it was developed primarily as an iPad game.



Interesting! Though, that didn’t stop the PC version of Year Walk from requiring a keyboard, despite originally being an iPhone game…


That patch is now out.

On the podcast mentioned upthread, Tom and Bruce voiced reservations about one or more aspects of what the dev was planning in the patch, sort of a ‘if it ain’t broke…’ feeling. I can’t remember what the specific reservation was. But it will be interesting to see how they feel about the game post-patch.


Weather, I believe, was the main thing they were troubled about.


Did this or will this ever make it to android?


Yes, I believe that was it. This patch is described as “a completely overhauled Vietnam experience!” which seems a bit much for what Tom and Bruce felt was a little gem of a game.


I’ve dinked around with it for a few turns, but haven’t run into any weather yet. You see a three-day forecast at the bottom of the intel map. And I believe weather can be toggled off in the game set-up, which gives you a difficulty rating that – I presume – affects your final score.

But mostly, the patch is some QoL stuff I wouldn’t want to do without. Named units, named villages, hex outlines, and sight ranges, for instance. Yay!



I’ve been waiting for this patch to dive in, yay! Can’t wait!