Vietnam here we come

We have Vietcong which is going to be coming out in February…

And 2015 has just announced Vietnam, which will hopefully be out in 2004…,10870,2909454,00.html

So has anyone seen Vietcong yet? Has anyone played it? I’ve heard some negative commments about the graphics, gameplay and such.

Anyone excited about 2015’s entry into Vietnam? If it’s anything like MoA:AA I’ll be the first in line to buy this game. Lets hope that it doesn’t get dummed down, because it is going to be on the Xbox.

Either way I’m definitely looking forward to these games.


I believe there’s a playable demo of Vietcong available to the public, if you were interested.

Platoon is on store shelves.

I cant wait!

My only beef with both these games is it appears you are limited to playing the Americans in the single player game which is a pity.

Aren’t you limited to one side in the SP portion of virtually all FPSs? This shouldn’t be too much of a shock. AvP games aside, of course.

So after the recent flux of WWII games we saw over the past while, is the focus now shifting to Vietnam? How come nobody makes a WWI game (other than the occasional WWI flight sim)*? I think going over the top with your group of soldiers and attacking the enemy trench (or defending your own trench) would be just as exciting as the Omaha level in MOHAA.

*My bet is because the US didn’t have much involvement in WWI, and publishers think a game has to have an American protagonist in order to sell.

I don’t know if these 3 games (Platoon, which hardly anyone played, Vietcong, and Men of Valor) constitute a “focus.” WWII is still much more popular, unfortunately. The setting has too much going for it–a wealth of historical knowledge to make a “realistic” game, a clear-cut “villain,” and popularity in mass media like movies and TV.

I wish they’d make a Vietnam-themed version of Dance Dance Revolution where you’re trying to avoid landmines to the beat of Japanese dance music.

I’m down.

If you are tired of WWII or Vietnam, there is always The Battle Grounds. It is a Revolutionary War-themed Half-life mod.

And then the mustard gas rolls in, and your lungs explode. Woot, pure gaming excitement! :D

In a WWI game you’d need your bayonet rigged to alt-fire. I’ve entertained the notion of such a game, and it has some potential. It’d be hard to pull off, though.

I think we’re finally seeing some serious Vietnam FPSs because hardware has finally caught up the the foliage requirements of junle warfare. 2015’s game looks really cool too. I’m looking forward to it.

The KAR98 in Day of Defeat has a bayonet on alt-fire. It is very handy when you come around a corner and are suddenly face-to-face with an enemy player.

We’re finally seeing Vietnam FPSs because it’s no longer a politically sensitive topic, it’s as simple as that.

Yup, I meant to mention that! Very cool. Thing about a WWI game is the reload rate is so slow on a bolt action rifle that it might just be more prudent to use your gun as a pike during a charge than to try and aim and shoot on the move (as I’m fairly certain could be the case during the actual war). It would make such a game pretty tense, but maybe not the cup ‘o’ tea for your average rocket jock.

But I can totally see it now. Climbing out of your trench, charging across the wasted battlefield, dodgeing artillery and machine gun fire, scrambling over obstacles, taking barely aimed pot shots at the defensive position, clashing with the opposition’s line, taking people out with your bayonet as you jump into the enemy trench, switching to your Colt .45 and shooting everything that moves, then hearing someone yell, “mustard gas!!!” and scrambling to get your mask on (which severly limits your vision), and shooting every masked figure that lumbers towards you through the yellow mist until you’re out of amunition.

I don’t know, I’m not sure the world is ready for that game. The first World War probably wasn’t dynamic enough to support and entire FPS built around it.

Are you new around here? We’ve gotten in some pretty bad knife fights on the old board over Vietnam Veterans. I maintain that the biggest limitation was the prospect of trying to render a dense jungle. I mean, it’s not like they haven’t been making war movies set in Vietnam since it happened.

They’ve been making anti-war movies set in Vietnam since it happened, actually.

You mean those movies where they dont glorify killing and where the enemies are more than just evil, faceless and nameless cannon fodder?

You know, movies that don’t look like a propaganda advert from the US Army, is that what you are talking about?


What’s your point?