Viewtiful Joe

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This game … rocks. I’ve never written that before. (I found it hard to write, pun not intended, but it fits.) It’s a side scroller. I’m thrilled about a side scrolling beat 'em up. What? Is it 1993 again? I love the art, the style, the pacing, the action, the powers, and I really love when the 2D artwork bends around a corner. Why is that a thrill? Why is the bullet time mode so cool? It’s been done… I’ve seen it before… but this is awesome. I just beat the crap out of the helicopter boss. I pounded the hell out of that thing. I’ve pounded the hell out of countless things in my gaming career… but this was really cool.

Thank you Erik Wolpaw. I had no idea this existed until you spotted it about six months ago. I’ve been watching it ever since, based pretty much on the name alone.

Let me know when you get there if you see any reason to plod through Episode 6. That’s what derailed it for me. It was a great time up to that point.

Yep, it is good, though it gets difficult pretty quickly.

I think the best thing about Viewtiful Joe is that the words BULLET TIME BULLET TIME weren’t streaming through my head while I played it. While Max Payne and Dead to Rights felt more like their style’s purpose was for the bullet… point on the back of the box, Viewtiful Joe does a good job of incorporating a feature so well that you don’t have to think about it.

But otherwise, too damn hard… One of these days I’ll devote a few more frustrating hours to it, or I’ll suck up my pride and try Kid’s mode.

I like the game fine, but the gushing reviews have me a bit mystified.

Ok, so its a side scrolling beat 'em up with some fairly flashy graphics… and???

The hype for this one I truly don’t get. I’m enjoying the game mainly because I like sidescrollers, but View Joe won’t convert someone who doesn’t like a 10 year old retro genre. And it hasn’t knocked my socks off really in any meaningful way. I think maybe we haven’t had a good beat 'em up side scroller in so long people were just hungry for one and this one is so polished that it just took off. I would never have scored this game 9+ out of 10 like many reviews site are giving it however.

VJ —> overhyped.

The manual recommends playing kids mode first and the manual is right.

I haven’t played it, but my question is, are the graphics not anti-aliased like in every screenshot I’ve seen online? Based on those, I still think the Jet ____ Radio series did a better job of using that graphic style.

The other question I have is: is this game alone worth buying a Gamecube for? I know they dropped the price, it’s cheap, blah blah, but pretend I’m really cheap (no wait, I am) and humour me.

VJ is certainly not worth buying a GameCube, because that fact that you don’t yet have a GC means that, to you, the usual suspects (Metroid, Zelda, Sunshine, etc.) weren’t worth buying a GameCube, and VJ, while excellent, doesn’t rise above these.

Even if it isn’t, there are plenty of great GC games out there.

I like VJ a whole lot. Dunno if you can break any one part down as being ultra superior to everything else, but it is huge fun for me.

Among the little touches, I like the heavy inking style on the characters and backgrounds. A comic book come to life… or at least the fight scenes.

The kids mode, which is oddly named, is relatively easy. However, you lose a lot of the strategy of the adult mode, which is certainly hard. However, I don’t mind the required replay time in VJ because the battles can play out so differently every time.

FWIW, I think the game is a masterpiece.


Viewtiful Joe is one of the best games I’ve played all year. I think the graphical splash disguises that it’s a side-scroller - it certainly plays worlds better than anything from the 16-bit days. The nearest equivalent I can think of are some of the Treasure like Gunstar Heroes and Mischief Makers.
The Slow-mo and Speed-up powers have some very nifty effects on environments and enemies and there’s a lot of very clever things you can do with them. I think the voice acting and writing are really quite entertaining, and the cel-shading to a texture method they use to render everything looks pretty spiff, imo.
The control and moves are really tight and it’s extremely satisfying to juggle enemies and watch the parts fall off them.
It seems like people have caught on since it apparently sold out in a lot of places (iirc, the original shipment in Japan sold out, but I don’t know how many units that was). I think that’s great because it’s just a total blast - it gets difficult (I’m playing on Adult) but the learning curve is done really well and so far I’ve never felt like I’ve taken any unavoidable hits.

I think it’s a bit overhyped too, though I have to say it was damn fun for the first two episodes.

I’m just past Hulk Davidson now (you see the problem w/ the Wavebird is that it makes it even harder to resist throwing your controller) and really have to force myself through the beginning of this episode. And it doesn’t help that you have to replay it over and over…


I guess I should tell you that there are Crazy Taxi-style undocumented moves that you pretty much need to know to have any reasonable expectation of finishing Viewtiful Joe. The one I learned that got me past Hulk Davidson (without taking hardly any damage, I might add) is the Hundred Hands Punch, or some such thing. While zoomed in, hold down the punch button and you’ll dish out oodles of damage.

Also, I presume you’ve figured out the uppercut you need to learn to knock objects into the air. I was stuck forever at the giant cask until I figured that out.

Come to think of it, without GameFAQs, I’d probably hate Viewtiful Joe…


I don’t think Joe was overhyped at all. In fact I think it was hyped just right. It’s a great game with tons of style, lots of cool moves, some boss battles that are actually challenging, and did I mention great character and level design? Plus it brings some new stuff to 2D side-scrollers, which is saying a lot this long after 2D side-scrollers were considered old news.

Oh good, I’m not the only one.

The feedback on the game has definitely surpassed my expectations so far. Out of the ‘Capcom 5’ it was the game I was looking forward to most. Still, I was kinda worried that all the style etc. might be nothing but a gimmick disguising a basically simple game that will be beaten within one session. Doesn’t look like it, I can’t wait to pick it up when it comes out over here.

Ahh, that would have definitely been helpful. Will have to try that out, though right now I’m at the part where you fly around in a little shuttle. Which I’m really not crazy about and can’t wait to get back on my feet.

Also, I presume you’ve figured out the uppercut you need to learn to knock objects into the air. I was stuck forever at the giant cask until I figured that out.

Yeah, thankfully I figured that out by accident sometime in the first episode.

Hey, I’m stuck there, too! What do I need to do to land an uppercut? I think I’ve done it out of sheer luck once or twice, but I don’t remember how.

Hold down and punch to do an uppercut. In slow-mo it does more damage, so things get knocked further up

Then speed up to run under it before it falls again.

I wasn’t stuck here, it was the first thing that occurred to me. But that’s probably because I made an error earlier and knocked a box you use to depress a plate (that raises a portcullis) the wrong way. It got stuck against the closed door you enter from and the only way I could dislodge it was to uppercut it up and get underneath.

Now I am stuck a little further on. The part where there’s a city bus, a ramp, and chasm filled with nasty burney acid sewage.

I take it you jump on the moving bus… but then what?

I don’t think this game could be overhyped. It’s just brilliant. As Tom said, “A Masterpeice.” I especially like the puzzles. It takes a while to figure out sometimes but as Dave Long puts it in that article I’ll refrain from linking this time, Capcom gives you ample feedback. For example, in the opening tutorial it tells you to use the uppercut to get underneath things.