Vinnie Jones, Kelsey Grammer cast in X-Men 3


Kelsey Grammer will, of course, be playing Beast. Vinnie Jones will be Juggernaut. Good casting choices on both counts, I think.

Kelsey Grammer has the perfect voice for Beast.

Yes, Kelsey is the perfect choice to play a character so dexterous and stuff.

They must be planning to skip the human-looking period of Beast’s career, and jump straight to a blue-furred Beast, right? Grammer makes no sense as the actual actor for Hank McCoy, but I agree that he’d be perfect as the voice of a CGI Beast.

Very curious how they are going to pull off Juggernaut. Grammer will be fine as long as its just the voice. An all CGI Beast would be surprising though because the director has already said he wants to use as little CGI as possible and go more with practical effects.

I have my doubts on the director- I’ve read a few interviews with him and he really doesn’t seem to be very fond of the first two and seems to want to go in a different direction.

I thought the guy who played Hank McCoy in X2 looked very much the part. But I suppose they’re going CGI and want a recognised voice.

Just saw a picture of beast. Its not CGI. You can tell its Grammer. It was only a head shot, so he must be wearing a muscle suit or something.

Fraiser/Side Show Bob as Beast? Hard to picture

Hard to picture, but he probably sounds perfect.

Well, it’s the voice, the serious face, the impeccable comic timing. So he’s not rippling with muscle. Consider your choices in that regard.