Vinyl 2 CD?

I know this is possible, but am clueless as to how. Making things worse, I don’t have a turntable. Are there businesses/people that will let me give them money to put my vinyl on CD? Surely there is… any suggestions?

If you’re thinking archival quality, don’t listen to me. If you just want to get your favorite LP that hasn’t been reissued onto CD, do this:

  1. Get a turntable and hook it into your stereo system.
  2. Take the audio out and plug it into your computer. Peferably, take the tape Left/Right outs into a RCA-to-miniplug Y and then the miniplug into the audio in on your computer.
  3. Download Audacity and set it up to record.
  4. Start recording and drop the needle. Save the recording session.
  5. Run a noise reduction filter on the resulting file, and split into individaual tracks if you want, and save as .mp3 or .wav.
  6. Use virtually any CD burning software to burn files to CD as normal CD audio.

That’s what I did for my favorite garage band tape that I never listened to because I was afraid the tape would warp. The resulting CD stayed in my car’s 6-CD changer for over a year, and still gets regular play today. This was on my first attempt to record, I’m sure with better proceedures and more experience, I could do much better today.

To cut the reciever bit out of the equasion you can pick up something called a phono preamp. You can get them pretty cheaply on ebay.

Thanks for the heads up, guys. I will look into it right away.