Violent Games Law Thrown Out

Thought this was interesting. Didn’t think it would survive either:

Once again the video game industry is victorious in another one of its battles against state regulation of violent video games. Today the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), representing the computer and video games industry, announced that a federal district court in Michigan ruled that a bill—SB416, which was signed into law by Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm—intended to restrict the sale of certain games to minors is unconstitutional and cannot be implemented.

At some point you have to wonder (if one can even call it that) if legislatures and governors are pushing and passing these bills with the full knowledge that they will not pass Constitutional muster. They just want to be able to say that they tried.

Here’s an interesting and vaguely related item I saw the other day: AO and M games sales way down, and violence way down.

That point was years ago.