Virgin Queen Forum Game

Go ahead!

Logging begun

  • Holy Roman Empire plays Tilbury Speech for 1 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Using CP to Assault.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 10 factors (not halved because there is no defending force) plus 1 point for leadership versus 1 die for defense.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Waiting for combat card input. None here.

** Holy Roman Empire rolls 11 d6 (+0): 2,5,6,6,5,1,6,6,1,4,3

** Holy Roman Empire rolls 1 d6: 6

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Well I got at least one hit and that is all I needed but the garrison strikes back and kills a unit.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - returning a 2 merc and replacing it with a 1.

  • 2 HRE mercenaries eliminated in Metz.

  • France score: 10 VP

  • Holy Roman Empire score: 13 VP

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - not sure what is going on there. I can’t seem to flip keys from prot to cath etc.

  • Logfile written.


Been reading the draft rules for Tanto Monta- has the feel of a UFC cage fight, even more than HiS.

The Calvinists spread the (good?) news about predestination in the Netherlands and France.

  • Protestant plays Grand Tour for 4 CP.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Preach in the Netherlands.

** Protestant rolls 5 d6: 6,3,3,3,6

<Chip (Protestant)> - Two major hits.

  • Mons reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 24

  • Utrecht reforms.

  • Protestants +1 VP, Spain -1 VP.

  • Protestant score: 8 VP

  • Spain score: 14 VP

  • Protestant Spaces: 25

<Chip (Protestant)> - Preach in France.

** Protestant rolls 5 d6: 6,1,4,3,5

<Chip (Protestant)> - One major, two minor, and one unrest.

  • Lyon reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 26

<Chip (Protestant)> - Major to convert Lyon.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Minors in Caen and Amiens.

  • Caen (in unrest) reforms.

  • Amiens reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 27

<Chip (Protestant)> - Unrest in Amiens.

  • Unrest in Amiens.

  • Protestant Spaces: 26

Over to @CraigM

I believe the file is not uploaded, as I last see the HRE turn @CF_Kane

Balls. I’ll put it up tonight, sorry.

Actually loaded the file this time. @CraigM

Playing Foreign Volunteers for 5P

  • Logging begun
  • Ottoman plays Foreign Volunteers for 5 CP.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - 1CP to move fleets, Tyhrrenean to Lyon

<Craig (Ottoman)> - and Algiers to Barbary

<Craig (Ottoman)> - 2CP to pirate France

  • Ottoman piracy attempt in Barbary Coast.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - France has 1 fort

** Ottoman rolls 1 d6: 4

<Craig (Ottoman)> - no hits

<Craig (Ottoman)> - >1 ship remains, 2 dice. Dragut 2 dice

** Ottoman rolls 4 d6: 5,5,2,2

<Craig (Ottoman)> - 2 hits

@Juan_Raigada your choice for the 2 hits, card or VP

France has to give a card and VP. You have to take each valid option once before you can double up. But yeah France is gonna have to go in to the next save to give the card up.

(Actually, I think you may only roll 3 dice, because Montpelier is not a port.)

Ah, thanks for the correction.

1 VP taken, building 1 regular in Buda

@Juan_Raigada to pass random card, then @Cuthbert for turn

You need to reroll, @CraigM, it’s only 3 dice, not 4.

There’s only one French port there.

If you want to instead change target and go for Spain, be my guest :)

Ah I see Montpelier is not a port (and I would not suffer the shot) and Nice is not French.

Very well, no change in target. Roll 3 dice

** Ottoman rolls 3 d6: 1,5,3

@Juan_Raigada your choice of card or VP

Take the VP

Ok, fix file uploaded @Cuthbert

  • Spain plays Spanish Road for 5 CP.

  • Bautista is patronized for 4 CP.

<Greg (Spain)> - Venetian fleet moves into the Adriatic


Get yer turn uploaded!


(Should be up now)

Also, it’s not a big deal now, but when you patronize an artist or scientist, make sure you randomly pick if you have more than one. That is part of the rules for how it works.

England plays Virgin Queen to grab Eloquent Ambassador out of the discard pile, then extends the impulse by playing a 2 CP treasure to build a ship in Portsmouth. On to France @Juan_Raigada

I out for the weekend, but I can tell you guys what I want to do so the game can progress.

I will play the 2CP card I got from England to do a Supress Heresy action.

If somebody can roll the 5 die I can tell you where to allocate and I’ll discard the card on my next impulse.