Virgin Queen Forum Game

France plays Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for 2 CP.
Two remove unrest actions

  • Unrest removed in Rouen.
  • Unrest removed in Lyon.

Over to @Tom_Mc

Sorry, again, for the tardiness. I have uploaded the game file and over to @CF_Kane.

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Taxis Family Couriers for 2 CP.
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - One move from Szigetvar to Buda
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 1 merc and 2 regulars are left behind
    <Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 2nd cp will be the removal of unrest in Strassburg
  • Unrest removed in Strassburg.
  • Logfile written.

I play Scurvy for 1CP to move Coligny and 5 French units to Utrecht. Over to @CraigM

@CraigM ?

Oh shit, sorry. Had family visiting from out of town, and missed the ping.

10 minutes

Playing German Recruitment Curtailed for event.

All Mercs in a single space are eliminated.

I eliminate all merc units the HRE has in Buda.

6 mercs eliminated in Buda.


  • Spain plays Death of King Sebastian mandatory event. Conduct 2 CP of actions.

<Greg (Spain)> - Building the last Venetian Galley in Candia


  • England plays Irish Rebellion for 4 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP to send Drake to Mexican Coast

<Panzeh (England)> - 2 CP for piracy in Mexican Coast

  • English piracy attempt in Mexican Coast.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 Dice for the fortress

** England rolls 1 d6: 4

<Panzeh (England)> - 4 dice for Drake

** England rolls 4 d6: 1,4,5,6

England takes VP and Treasure

@Cuthbert Which Spanish treasure do you wish to protect?

The one furthest to the right, I guess.

England gets the right-most treasure, Drake sails into the Pacific for 1 CP, rolls a 9 on his navigation roll, resulting in 13 which is “No Effect”.

Activation is extended with a 2 CP treasure to add 2 influence to Portugal.

On to France @Juan_Raigada

@Panzeh you got the rightmost one, or the middle one? I was protecting the rightmost one.

The middle one. The right of the two remaining ones.

Okay 👍🏻 just checking.

Franc passes.


  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Il Piccolo Soccorso for 2 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 1st CP move the 4 merc formation from Pressburg to Buda

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 2nd cp is a merc at Nuremburg

  • Logfile written.


I play Philosopher’s stone for 2CP.

1CP is spent moving Coligny to 's-Hertogenbosch. Assuming @Cuthbert does not intercept, I will use the second CP to move to Antwerp and lay siege. I uploaded the file assuming no intercept, so if Cuthbert does not want to intercept, @CraigM can go.

No interception, @CraigM is free to go.

  • Ottoman plays War with Poland for 4 CP.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - building 4 cavalry in Szegedin


Play Muscovy Company as an event.


  • England plays Sultan’s Harem for 5 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP for naval moves

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP for Drake to head to the Guinea coast

<Panzeh (England)> - Navigation roll

** England rolls 2 d6: 2,2

  • Treasure is lost in Indian Ocean.

  • Drake is damaged in Indian Ocean.

<Panzeh (England)> - Drake takes a hit and loses a treasure.

  • Treasure claimed by England.

  • Drake circumnavigates for 2 VP!

<Panzeh (England)> - Build 3 mercenaries in london.

  • England earns 2 VP for Circumnavigation.

  • England score: 17 VP

<Panzeh (England)> - I’ve forgotten to take my last two piracy VPs

  • England earns 1 VP from Piracy.

  • England score: 18 VP

  • England earns 1 VP from Piracy.

  • England score: 19 VP

<Panzeh (England)> - Done

On to @Juan_Raigada