Virgin Queen Forum Game

  • Protestant plays Huguenot Lent as an event.

Huguenot Lent

<Chip (Protestant)> - Huguenot Lent for 8 conversion attempts in France. I get one automatic 6.

** Protestant rolls 7 d6: 1,3,2,4,5,4,6

<Chip (Protestant)> - Two major (counting the bonus 6), four minor, and one unrest.

<Chip (Protestant)> - I will use the two majors on Paris and Lyon.

  • Paris reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 24

  • Lyon reforms.

  • Protestants +1 VP, Spain -1 VP.

  • Protestant score: 8 VP

  • Spain score: 14 VP

  • Protestant Spaces: 25

<Chip (Protestant)> - Minors on Boulogne, Caen, and Grenoble.

  • Caen reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 26

  • Boulogne (in unrest) reforms.

  • Grenoble reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 27

<Chip (Protestant)> - One is wasted, since there are no other legal targets.

  • Unrest in Grenoble.

  • Protestant Spaces: 26

<Chip (Protestant)> - I’ll put the unrest in Grenoble.

Over to @CraigM for the Ottoman turn.

It 2 majors and 3 minors. Same practical result, though.

Indeed, I don’t know how I misread that. It means I didn’t waste a flip after all.

Craig texted me from Yosemite to say that he’s passing and certainly not pirating anyone and that I should just go ahead and take my turn.

I don’t think he can pass so early :P

Good try though

Ha, yes, I am just getting back to civilization. Have cell service, in hotel This evening. Will post turn then

Ok playing flooding for 2CP, moving units to Tunis from Malta


Play Catherine’s Flying Squadron for 2 CP, build a fortress in Cuba.


I do not believe Spain is allowed to build the second new world fortress without the requisite tech advancement.

Spain can build one per turn until they get the Coastal Fortification technology. See 8.2.

Got it.

England plays Rising of the North for 4 CP.

1 CP moves Hawkins into the Spanish Main. 2 CPs for a piracy attempt.

<Panzeh (England)> - Spain fires off 1 dice for the fortress.

** England rolls 1 d6: 2

<Panzeh (England)> - Hawkins fires off 3 piracy dice.

** England rolls 3 d6: 6,3,2

@Cuthbert Treasure or VP? If treasure, which one do you wish to protect(pick 1-4, left to right)?

England has 1 CP remaining.

Treasure, I will protect first from the left.

England randomly rolls and gets the right-most treasure. Final CP is used to head to the Antilles.

On to France. @Juan_Raigada

France plays Ruler Falls Ill for 3 CP.
<juanraigada (France)> - I do a suppress heresy action (what else can I do?)
** France rolls 5 d6: 2,4,4,1,5
<juanraigada (France)> - three hits, one unrest

  • Lyon converts to Catholicism.
  • Paris converts to Catholicism.
  • Caen converts to Catholicism.
  • Unrest in Caen.
    <juanraigada (France)> - for the extra CP I vacate Metz before the HRE onslaught come

Over to @Tom_Mc.

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for 2 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Merc in Pressburg and then march to Metz

  • Logfile written.


Play Portuguese Attack for 2CPs and preach sermons in Spain.

It went…poorly:

  • Protestant plays Portuguese Attack for 2 CP.

<Chip (Protestant)> - Preach sermons in the Netherlands for five conversion attempts.

** Protestant rolls 5 d6: 1,1,2,4,1

  • Flushing reforms.

  • Protestant Spaces: 24

  • Unrest in Flushing.

  • Protestant Spaces: 23

<Chip (Protestant)> - One success, three unrest. I’ll convert Flushing and put it in unrest.

Over to @CraigM’s Ottomans.

Playing Ottoman Tribute for CP.

First CP to assault Tunis.

4 dice (5 units/ 2 + commander) vs 2 (fortified space + 1 unit)

Rolls ** Ottoman rolls 4 d6: 2,5,3,2
** Ottoman rolls 2 d6: 3,3

1 hit is enough, the assault goes through

Will spend 1 CP to move fleets. Ionian and Barbary to Tyhrennain sea

Will spend 2CP to pirate Spain.

Would have 3 defender dice for the 3 galleys in Calligiari I believe @Cuthbert confirm?

Yes I believe that’s correct

Ok, rolling defense
** Ottoman rolls 3 d6: 5,2,1

So that eliminates one corsair

On to the piracy dice

more than one ship, and more than one port = 2 dice
Dragut adds 2 dice

4 dice total

** Ottoman rolls 4 d6: 5,2,5,1

@Cuthbert your choices for the 2 hits. VP, cards, or eliminate units.