Virgin Queen Forum Game

You need to reroll, @CraigM, it’s only 3 dice, not 4.

There’s only one French port there.

If you want to instead change target and go for Spain, be my guest :)

Ah I see Montpelier is not a port (and I would not suffer the shot) and Nice is not French.

Very well, no change in target. Roll 3 dice

** Ottoman rolls 3 d6: 1,5,3

@Juan_Raigada your choice of card or VP

Take the VP

Ok, fix file uploaded @Cuthbert

  • Spain plays Spanish Road for 5 CP.

  • Bautista is patronized for 4 CP.

<Greg (Spain)> - Venetian fleet moves into the Adriatic


Get yer turn uploaded!


(Should be up now)

Also, it’s not a big deal now, but when you patronize an artist or scientist, make sure you randomly pick if you have more than one. That is part of the rules for how it works.

England plays Virgin Queen to grab Eloquent Ambassador out of the discard pile, then extends the impulse by playing a 2 CP treasure to build a ship in Portsmouth. On to France @Juan_Raigada

I out for the weekend, but I can tell you guys what I want to do so the game can progress.

I will play the 2CP card I got from England to do a Supress Heresy action.

If somebody can roll the 5 die I can tell you where to allocate and I’ll discard the card on my next impulse.

Suppress heresy 5 dice?

Here you go
** Ottoman rolls 5 d6: 4,3,1,6,5

Ok that would be:

Major hit converts Rouen and throws unrest there.

One minor converts Lyon and another Amiens.

Ok file uploaded for @Tom_Mc

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Siege Engineering for 1 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - using the 1 cp to go form 1 merc to 2 in Pressburg.

  • 1 HRE mercenary eliminated in Pressburg.
  • Logfile written.

I play Treasure Fleet (mandatory event) for a 2CP rebellion in Grenoble. It flips to Huguenot and I get a regular there.

@Cuthbert to resolve treasure fleet, then over to @CraigM.

Okay, Treasure Fleet time

<Greg (Spain)> - Drawing a treasure and adding it to Spainish row

  • Treasure added to Spanish Treasures holding box.
    <Greg (Spain)> - I pick the first two to try and get back to Spain
    <Greg (Spain)> - Determine zone:

** Spain rolls 1 d6: 3

<Greg (Spain)> - Antilles

@Panzeh to decide if you want to attack- will be two dice against two, and you can’t hold another treasure.

Hawkins will stay back.

Okay, both treasures go to Spain, then. File uploaded for @CraigM

I am playing War With Poland for 4CP, and patronizing a scientist.

Now this is supposed to be a random draw of my 2 scientists, however I see no method to randomly select one of the two I have available.

@CF_Kane any idea on how best to do that?

I’d just roll a dice, 1-3 one of them, 4-6 the other.