Virgin Queen Forum Game

I mean, they are pretty much all Hapsburgs somewhere along the line, but these are the sibling Hapsburgs, rather than the cousin Hapsburgs.

I will note that he is a very handsome boy and his mother is very proud of him <😠>

I should also remind people I have 4 mercenaries that must go.

How are people coming along with diplomacy? Do we need another couple of days?

Let’s wrap up by Tuesday evening and then run through announce deals.

Alright, probably time to start with announcing deals. We do this in impulse order, so @CraigM is first for the Ottomans.

Right. The Ottomans and the HRE have reached an accord for alliance. @Tom_Mc

Spain next I believe @Cuthbert

No deals for me. @Panzeh

Queen Liz is bethrothed to William of Orange. I’m sure that’ll last.

England makes peace with France

On to @Juan_Raigada

France confirms peace with England.

Over to @Tom_Mc

Confirming Alliance with Ottomans.
Announcing marriage of Charles II of Austria and Anna of Saxony.

William of Orange is eagerly planning his wedding to Elizabeth, which he is certain will go off without a hitch.

That concludes the announce deals segment. There are no leaders to ransom, so we move to Declarations of War, starting with the Ottomans. @CraigM

The Ottomans do not declare any wars. @Cuthbert

No declarations. @Panzeh

No wars @Juan_Raigada

No Wars. @Tom_Mc

No wars here either. @CF_Kane

No wars. On to spring deployment, starting with @CraigM.

Powers with multiple home cards (except Ottomans) will need to choose which home card to keep. HRE will need to select their religious preference.

Since I will be out for the weekend, I’ll need somebody to do my spring deployments.

Paging @CraigM for spring deploy.