Virgin Queen Forum Game

  • Spain plays Death of King Sebastian mandatory event. Conduct 2 CP of actions.

<Greg (Spain)> - Building the last Venetian Galley in Candia


  • England plays Irish Rebellion for 4 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP to send Drake to Mexican Coast

<Panzeh (England)> - 2 CP for piracy in Mexican Coast

  • English piracy attempt in Mexican Coast.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 Dice for the fortress

** England rolls 1 d6: 4

<Panzeh (England)> - 4 dice for Drake

** England rolls 4 d6: 1,4,5,6

England takes VP and Treasure

@Cuthbert Which Spanish treasure do you wish to protect?

The one furthest to the right, I guess.

England gets the right-most treasure, Drake sails into the Pacific for 1 CP, rolls a 9 on his navigation roll, resulting in 13 which is “No Effect”.

Activation is extended with a 2 CP treasure to add 2 influence to Portugal.

On to France @Juan_Raigada

@Panzeh you got the rightmost one, or the middle one? I was protecting the rightmost one.

The middle one. The right of the two remaining ones.

Okay 👍🏻 just checking.

Franc passes.


  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Il Piccolo Soccorso for 2 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 1st CP move the 4 merc formation from Pressburg to Buda

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 2nd cp is a merc at Nuremburg

  • Logfile written.


I play Philosopher’s stone for 2CP.

1CP is spent moving Coligny to 's-Hertogenbosch. Assuming @Cuthbert does not intercept, I will use the second CP to move to Antwerp and lay siege. I uploaded the file assuming no intercept, so if Cuthbert does not want to intercept, @CraigM can go.

No interception, @CraigM is free to go.

  • Ottoman plays War with Poland for 4 CP.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - building 4 cavalry in Szegedin


Play Muscovy Company as an event.


  • England plays Sultan’s Harem for 5 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP for naval moves

<Panzeh (England)> - 1 CP for Drake to head to the Guinea coast

<Panzeh (England)> - Navigation roll

** England rolls 2 d6: 2,2

  • Treasure is lost in Indian Ocean.

  • Drake is damaged in Indian Ocean.

<Panzeh (England)> - Drake takes a hit and loses a treasure.

  • Treasure claimed by England.

  • Drake circumnavigates for 2 VP!

<Panzeh (England)> - Build 3 mercenaries in london.

  • England earns 2 VP for Circumnavigation.

  • England score: 17 VP

<Panzeh (England)> - I’ve forgotten to take my last two piracy VPs

  • England earns 1 VP from Piracy.

  • England score: 18 VP

  • England earns 1 VP from Piracy.

  • England score: 19 VP

<Panzeh (England)> - Done

On to @Juan_Raigada

France passes.

On to @Tom_Mc

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Treachery! as an event.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Assualt in Buda

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - 9 units halved and rounded up gives 5 dice plus 1 for leader gives 6 dice total for attack

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Defense will have 4 dice from units and 1 from defending for a total of 5 dice total for defense.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Pausing for confirmation

  • Logfile written

Ready to roll the 6 v 5 or anything else happening before Assault takes place?

Let it be decided on the field.

Also, quick question on the assault. Are you able to assault with both armies? I genuinely don’t know how it works, as both leaders are 8 units leadership, can both participate?

That’s a good point let me make sure here…
Ok it looks like the rules are the same as for movement. I activate a single “formation.” A formation is:
This is from page 7

A formation is a group of land units in a single space that functions
as a combined entity for the purposes of movement, field battle, intercept, and assault. One or more army leaders may also be included
in the formation. The maximum number of land units in a formation is dependent on the Command Rating of any leaders present:
Leaders Present Maximum Formation Size
none 4
1 Command Rating of leader
2 or more Sum of highest two command ratings
Army leaders are never counted when determining the size of a
formation. Formations may not include units from two different
major powers. They may include units of a major power and a
minor power which is actively allied to that major power.

So it’s not two armies but rather one formation that moves, battles, assaults’ etc.
That formatting did not copy over well.

  • Logging begun

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Rolling on the 6 versus 5

** Holy Roman Empire rolls 6 d6: 2,3,3,2,4,1

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - no hits

** Holy Roman Empire rolls 5 d6: 2,1,3,6,3

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - one hit

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - breaking down that 4 merc into components totalling 3

  • 4 HRE mercenaries eliminated in Pressburg.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - Per Treachery all defending units are eliminated.

  • 2 Ottoman regulars eliminated in Buda.

  • 2 Ottoman regulars eliminated in Buda.

  • Ottoman score: 16 VP

  • Holy Roman Empire score: 15 VP

  • Logfile written.


I assault Antwerp with Coligny. I have 4 dice (5/2 rounds up to 3 dice for troops, and 1 for Coligny) versus 3 for Spain (2 regulars and the defender die).

No combat cards from me. @Cuthbert, any combat cards?