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Nope, go ahead @CF_Kane

Antwerp Falls, and the Huguenot stack takes a loss (one mercenary). Over to @CraigM for the Ottoman move.

I just realized something, probably due to lack of card familiarity.

I should have done something about the Treachery card, but not knowing and realizing how it worked at the time, ugh.

  • Ottoman plays Grand Vizier as an event.

<Craig (Ottoman)> - build 2 galleys in Coron

<Craig (Ottoman)> - Build 2 regulars in Istanbul

Should have used this as a response to cancel Treachery, but didn’t think of it/ realize how Treachery worked, and forgot the response capacity of the card.


  • Holy Roman Capital moved to Prague.
  • Spain plays Rudolf II mandatory event. Rudolf II becomes Holy Roman Emperor. Conduct 2 CP of actions

Moving two galleys to the Barbary Coast.

Any response or evade @CraigM ?

I did not know that about Grand Vizer. That it was a great event canceler. Yeah it might have been good to do that there. Just pretend you’re actually saving it for an even better use later this turn. That’s no real solace, I know.I will have to remember that about the Ottomans in this game. They don’t get that in HiS.

Hmm. I like evade, but having my corsair aid in intercepting might be better.

Reading the rules, it looks like interceptions take place before avoid battle? If so I believe I would be able to intercept with the corsair in Tunis, and if the intercept fails, try and avoid battle with the fleet in the Barbary coast (to Tunis)

So I think do that? Unless I am missing something where the options are mutually exclusive, but I didn’t see that.

That’s fine with me, I’ll roll it up.

<Greg (Spain)> - Intercept:
** Spain rolls 2 d6: 1,4
<Greg (Spain)> - Fail
<Greg (Spain)> - Avoid battle:
** Spain rolls 2 d6: 6,1
<Greg (Spain)> - Fail
** Spain rolls 4 d6: 2,6,3,3
<Greg (Spain)> - One hit
** Spain rolls 3 d6: 5,6,1
<Greg (Spain)> - Two hits Spain retreats

  • Spanish galley eliminated in Gulf of Lyon.
    <Greg (Spain)> - One mercenary in Milan

Well, that went poorly.


  • England plays Eloquent Ambassador as an event.

  • English diplomatic influence with Portugal: 4

  • English diplomatic influence with Portugal: 5

  • English diplomatic influence with Portugal: 6

<Panzeh (England)> - England - Spain - France rolls

** England rolls 3 d6: 5,4,6

<Panzeh (England)> - England wins easily

  • England score: 21 VP

  • England and Portugal are now Allied.

  • England and Scotland are now Allied.

  • England expends Treasure for 4 CP.

<Panzeh (England)> - Build English galleon in London and one regular

On to @Juan_Raigada

France passes. On to @Tom_Mc

  • Logging begun
  • Holy Roman Empire plays Ruler Falls Ill for 3 CP.

<Tom (Holy Roman Empire)> - paying 2 cp for a regular in pressburg and then moving it to Buda.

  • Logfile written


Play army mutiny for 4CPs. 1CP to flip 's-Hertogenbosch, 2CPs to move Coligny and troops to Dunkirk, and 1CP to move William of Orange and six troops to Utrecht. Over to @CraigM.

Paging @CraigM

@CraigM ?