Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?



Nice! Looks like they might get dummymandered.



Is that a bong? I am definitely missing something here!


If you’re talking about the thing she is holding, I know what I think it looks like (not a bong), but that’s the official state seal.

The only bits I edited are lower right.

Edit: Wikipedia says: “and holding in her left hand, a sheathed sword, or parazonium, pointing upward.”


Yeah, sheathed sword, though… it’s kind of terribly drawn all things considered.


Awesome news.



Why Krasner winning to be Philly DA is important:


Sean Hannity keeping his viewers up to date on tonight’s results with 6 seconds of journalism.


Gonna be tight as a tick.


Still waiting on a Gillespie concession speech.


Mainers about to vote themselves Medicaid expansion.

Dan Hopkins 9:20 PM

In Maine, Question 2 is up 58 percent to 42 percent, with 34 percent of precincts in. From the count I’ve been doing, in 23 cities and towns, the ballot measure is outperforming Clinton’s 2016 performance. She won the state by around 3 percentage points. In 16 cities and towns, the ballot measure is underperforming Clinton. So there is still plenty of counting left to do, but the ballot measure is on track to pass.


He made it already


HuffPo pollster guru:


Aw, I missed the end of that jerk’s political career. Nuts.



(Henrico is Richmond, for non-Virginians.)