Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?


pickup in Fayetteville, NC…2345



Dems ahead, but not outside of recount range, in those races.


Fairfax speaking. Northam next.

Washington state legislature results coming soon.


Saw on Facebook some posts along the lines of “may God strike down this creature” re: the first openly transgender person voted in.



LOL. A member of the Democratic Socialist Party (and candidate that the Democrats abandoned a few weeks ago, by the way) wrested a seat from the Republican majority whip tonight.

This feels like maybe we shouldn’t start predicting a wave in 2018 before it happens. A lot of really unlikely things are happening tonight.


Great job, Virginia. Any politician who turns to Trumpism should die a twitching political death.



Normally, I like to pretend Fox News isn’t happening.



More good news. I did my part!

Thanks for all the thread updates… made for a fun read on my commute home from work.





In exit polls, the top issue for VA voters was not immigration or taxes – it was health care, and by a huge margin (39% said healthcare, gun policy was second at 17%)..

The 2018 midterms are going to be about healthcare policy. Given that the GOP’s health care ideas all center around tax relief for the wealthy, they could be setting themselves up for an electoral faceplant.



Thank goodness. Now maybe Englund and her supporters can go crawl back under their rocks.


Also, holy crap… the scale of this:


She really blew it out of the water, too, just on first choice votes:

(source borrowed from the MN secretary of state)

The one downside to ranked voting is that sometimes it’s harder to eyeball the winner. The idea is you have to get 50% of the vote +1. If there is no winner off the bat, the people with the lowest votes are eliminated and the people that voted for the losers have those votes reapportioned to their second choice, and so on. So since she got 73% of the vote (one of those is mine), that’s well over a majority and there’s no need to count the second or third choice votes. She won!

I have no idea how the Minneapolis mayor’s race will shake out. So far one guy has 25% of the vote, and he has three or four competitors nipping at his heels with 15-20% of the vote as first choice. The incumbent only has the majority of votes in the third choices, which might make a difference for her if I was better at math.

Da Mayor