Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?




Not, I guess, that it matters all that much, but both our candidates for mayor of Seattle were women, so that was going to be a landmark met either way.



So here’s my capper, since I’ve had two beers and I’m feeling sleepy.

If there was any drawback to the Obama years for Democrats, it’s that his inspirational leadership convinced a whole lot of young voters and future voters that what Democrats needed to win was a movement, a shining star of inspiration and motivation. And that’s great stuff, but so very rare.

And this summer, John McCain hobbled out of the Senate cloak room, walked up to the clerk, and simply put his thumb down.

And with that very simple gesture, here’s the message delivered. Inspirational leaders and motivated grand movements are terrific…but they don’t happen that often. And what works just as well is competent, functional leaders who understand policy and issues and act accordingly; that sometimes you just need a politician who recognizes right from wrong and is willing to just put a thumb down to stop the madness.

Today a huge number of people turned out in Virginia to vote for a guy who’s about as exciting as unbuttered toast, not because he’s inspiring or motivating, but because he seems like a guy who’s going to pay attention to science, who’s going to respectfully represent women, minorities, and the disabled, work to get people healthcare, and try to find jobs for people who need them.

And so I hope that tonight’s message to potential voters on the left is that sometimes that’s all you really, actually need.





Man, the anti-Manka Dhingra ads were the worst. And they were pretty much flooding all of YouTube in recent days. They made me want to vote for her, and I live in Snohomish county.



it’s a shame that the hetero fundie christian white cis male demo was underrepresented.




Can I get an Amen!



…or people might be so angry, worried, and motivated to repudiate Trump that they’ll stand in cold drizzle all day to set record numbers for voter turnout. :D


Let’s just say I’m happy to be wrong.


So is that a definitive thing (i.e. the math wouldn’t allow for another result)?


The VA results shows what can happen with high turnout - and with viable candidates running down ballot. Enough voters can (almost) overcome gerrymandering. Remember, VA has gone blue the last three election cycles, has twice now voted D for all three state wide offices - yet Republicans held a 66-34 advantage in the House of Delegates. That’s just insane.

Interestingly, for voters who listed guns as a major issue, the split was 50/50. Maybe some tiny daylight there for movement towards sane gun safety* laws. Rick Wilson held an AMA on Reddit earlier today, and he contended that a large part of why Republicans took a 1000 seats from Democrats during Obama’s tenure was the gun issue.

*Someone on MSNBC said Democrats should stop calling it gun control and instead use gun safety. Since Americans are kinda dumb, that makes a ton of sense.


One more thing: Turned out the outlier Quinnipiac poll did the best. In fact, they nailed it.

And this bodes ill for the GOP::


Fun bit of trivia: the NY State constitution says that public servants can’t have their pensions revoked for any reason (one of the reasons some people wanted a NY constitutional convention was to try to change that).

So, one of the initiatives this election was an amendment to say that you can revoke a pension if a public servant is convicted of a felony that directly related to their public office. Which you couldn’t do before.

On the one hand, that makes you think “maybe we do need a constitutional convention, who knows what else is in there?” On the other hand, passing amendments like that suggests that maybe the system is working as-is without one.

Anyways, that seems to have passed handily (by almost exactly the 27% crazification factor), and the Convention been rejected.

I don’t fully understand why the Westchester Executive was considered a significant race by anybody outside the county though.