Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?


Regarding trig’s capper last night.

I disagree about the competent and functional leaders bit. I think this is more about motivation, and Democratic voters having a villain to vote against, just as the Republican voters had a villain in Hillary to vote against to drive turnout.

I expect the Voter ID commission to start going full steam ahead in advance of the 2018 elections to do whatever is possible to limit these kind of losses next year, and a whole slew of voter id laws locally in red states. I think it will work to keep the GOP House majority, but the Senate will definitely be in play in 2018, and I don’t think there’s any way Trump even runs in 2020 - he’ll quit before losing.


God Damn it, that is epic!



For some reason, I found this exchange particularly poignant:



Ted Lieu (D-CA 33) plays n-dimensional chess.


That tweet is so savage, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan are bowing down saying they’re not worthy.


I can’t imagine Lieu’s in danger of losing an election anytime soon. Could use a lot more Lieus and Kanders in Washington.


59% of Maine voters that turned out yesterday voted to expand Medicaid coverage. And here is Gov. LePage’s response.


Rule of law, huh? What a fucking ass.


LePage is like trump, only without the intelligence and charm.


I mean… I know that’s the case, even if a lot of people don’t want to believe it.

People were given a roll of the populist dice or Hillary Clinton. They rolled the dice because they knew they didn’t want Clinton.


BTW and for the record, Virginia voting mechanics:

We vote with paper ballots that are essentially scantron sheets, like for an SAT. Darken the bubble for your choice. Then each voter personally puts the paper sheet into a ballot box that scans the ballot number for the ballot. A poll worker stands by and can help you with putting your ballot into the ballot box feeder, but they’re not supposed to touch it.

Then the results are counted from that. The counting process is computerized, but there is a paper trail created, with hard copy ballots.


Same for Iowa.

The fact that the GOP is going full Trump and doubling down on “this didn’t mean anything” might be the best part of this.
It means they’ll keep doing what they’re doing and get utterly destroyed. Hopefully once that happens they’ll listen to the rational voices or just collapse completely and our nation can get back to working correctly.



It’s the same here in Missouri, on the Kansas City side of the State, at least. I love that there’s a paper trail.


A paper trail should be required everywhere.


What’s the deal with the three parentheses? I thought that was some kind of anti semitic tag? I’m so confused about Twitter semiotics.


So is Virginia 50/50 or is Virginia “maybe 50/50, but we won’t know and it definitely could change after we finish counting the votes over the next week or two”?


It is. Tons of people co-opted it to mock the anti-Semites and show support of those they target.