Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?


So. By exit polling, Ed Gillespie won independents (Virginia is not a state that requires voters to pick a party or go indie).

If I’d have told y’all on Monday evening that Gillespie was going to win independents, you’d be like “Holy shit, Northam is toast.”

So dig: Party ID in Virginia yesterday (again, exit polling so not perfect):

Republicans: 30%
Independents: 28%
Democrats: 41%

As Chuck Todd just noted, those are Massachusetts-style numbers. And Gillespie barely winning indies, suggests that a lot of those are people like Timex or Strollen here: longtime Republicans who for the moment at hand at least, call themselves independent because they want no part of the Trump Republican party.

I’m not sure exactly what that all means, but it’s interesting as hell. ;)


Now if those Independents could just get together and make a political party, we might be in business. They nearly outnumber the GOP and odds are they could get a bunch to come over if they did it right.


There ought to be a political party based on this guy’s ideology.


The Radical Middle!!


Interesting piece about voting rights restored under Gov. Terry McAuliffe and returning citizens participation in the VA election.

“I now felt like a citizen. I now felt like I will make a difference in some kind of way. Just bubbling in them little circles, it’s like power, it’s power,” Williams said just after she voted, displaying two “I voted” stickers with American flags on her jacket. “If you had asked me maybe a year and a half, two years ago, I would’ve said, no, I didn’t never think I would vote.”

New Virginia Majority is a kick ass organization.


Amazing quote. I just love people.


Prior to the election, +4-6 seats would have been considered a good night. +10, evidence that the House is in play nationally.
Ended up +16.
Turnout, it’s a wonderful thing.


That guy has taken it on the chin tonight from actual ballot counters. There are still recounts pending in three races, and the Democrats trail in all three. They’re expected to probably win one of those, which would make it 50-50, but it isn’t a for sure thing.


Oh. ;(
Thanks for the update.


Losing a 14+ point lead isn’t any less devastating.


“Hanging Chad”-style lawsuits ahead:

The Republicans have gone from a commanding 66-34 majority in the House to an apparent 51-49 lead, with GOP candidates clinging to extraordinarily slim leads in three districts.

In one of the hard-fought House districts, the 28th, in the Fredericksburg area about 50 miles south of Washington, Republican Bob Thomas leads Democrat Joshua Cole by just 82 votes. But the state elections commission recently found 147 voters in the district and neighboring ones cast their ballots in the wrong district.

Exactly why they were assigned to the wrong districts is unclear, as the registrar responsible died in April.


Holy shit.

Simonds is the Democrat.



Yancey is the Republican incumbent.

Holy shit.


That’s it. Everything’s counted except absentees.

Regardless of who wins…youneverknow when your vote will matter.



The party controlling the Virginia state assembly may have changed due to a single vote in a single precinct.

holy effing shit




There’s no way this doesn’t become a huge court thing, right?