Virginia Governor's Race and US Election 2017 - America Fights Back?


David Wasserman 8:42 PM

This just in: Democrat Chris Hurst has unseated Republican Delegate Joseph Yost in Blacksburg’s District 12. Hurst is a former news anchor whose girlfriend, reporter Alison Parker, was killed on live television in 2015. He ran with the support of gun control groups. By my count, this brings Democrats’ pickups to 12 seats. They need five more for control of the House of Delegates.


That’s astounding.

Here’s heir fuckface on twitter:




Sure, tonight’s results are all about Trump, but not for the reasons he believes.


So, does this send a message to the GOP?

I see the hardcore doubling-down on the tax plan to try to appease the base, but moderates or those in swing districts are probably freaking out right now, and the tax plan is the last thing they need.

Dems should really force the issue and put the moderates on the hot seat by demanding to see Donald’s taxes before any discussion of the tax plan takes place. After all, how does the tax plan affect him???



It is going to be AMAZING when Trump pitches a fit about the election, while addressing the South Korean government in a few minutes.


It should, but most of them don’t exist in this reality, so probably not.



Stealing that.





Also Trump, “I love my China friend who wins elections in his communist state! Gillespie SUCKS.”



This is the coolest thing this country has done in a long while.


My congressman:




Here’s a better version: