Virtual Bartender

This one is for Whitta:

Its like playing an old Sierra adventure game. Just start trying words…

May I recommend

pillow fight
lap dance
fuck star wars

Just to get you all started


Only one problem with my list. After trying fuck star wars try just star wars for a different read.

My favorite is “long division”

(yes, I know it’s the default response)

I put in the ‘Star wars’ one - she’s got a pretty strong hand.

the best one is:

“kiss a girl”

“take off your top” is a close second.

lips wins, hands down.

shower is also pretty good.

Alternately, you could just go straight to the source…

  • Alan

How’d you get the XML file URL? Can you disassemble .swf?

It doesnt’ seem to work for me. I just see a screen that says “Getting loaded…” But it never loads.

I like ‘hummer’

No, I found a link to it elsewhere during one of my Random Time Wastage™ forays.

  • Alan

Wow. Who is this girl? She’s incredibly hot.

Thanks for the link. It’s been great.

You guys hit the highlights already, though. I haven’t found anything great that isn’t listed here.

Edit: Okay, did you guys try “love?” That might be the sexiest thing I’ve seen so far.

Her name is Tammy. She’s Canadian, I think. She’s going to be in the 2005 Sunshine calander, produced by the Toronto Sun.

I’m happy with these things as long as they’ll Riverdance. She will, and so will subservient chicken.

I found “strip” to be pretty funny.

kneel is a good one.

Not that I found these myself or anything but bounce, breast and ass.

become a man

I’ll bet you say that to all of the women.