Virtual reality: to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Yeah, now that there’s a relatively affordable headset with pancake lenses it’s really hard to recommend one without, moatter what other advantages it may have.

I didn’t see it, but yeah besides other advantages Quest just has a lot more games than anything else.

Norm goes to GDC:

Homeworld hype!

Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement in case anyone else wants it.

It’s a decent, chill building/crafting game of a reasonable size. Story mode, sandbox mode.

Fairly well-done VR interactions, but maybe the map is a bit smaller than expected and there’s some jank and sub-par performance (but bearable).

Vrider is now on AppLab, UploadVr says the game will come to the official store in June. My referral

There are very few racing games on Quest, so it’s pretty unique in that regard

And for good measure, I also bought Humanity, which got some awards past year.