Virtual reality: to boldly game like we never gamed before...

That’s a pre-rendered trailer though right? I doubt the Q3 can pull off graphics nearly that good. Too bad they’re not releasing a PC edition.

Yeah, that’s a big problem with VR teasers/trailers, VR in-game footage just seems wonky because it’s not being shoved into your eyes from an inch away, so it looks cheesy on a real computer. Thus they make most of the marketing videos with cinematics like this one, or my absolute least favorite, a split screen with a video of someone wearing the headset jumping around like an idiot.

I mean, not even a hypothetical pc version could pull off those graphics… it’s CG people.

5/10. Damnit.

Sounds like VR was an afterthought again. Someday some dev is truly going to get VR and create something extraordinary, but until then…

Anyone got a Mudrunner code to share?

I picked this up, installing now.

If anyone have a psvr2

a 90% discount for Max Mustard

Sweet, thanks for the heads up on that!

Woah, yeah, thanks, it worked. I kinda feel bad about it, new game and all.

A few new games have been announced, All on Board! is a multiple-board games VR thing by the Blasphemous devs, and B&S will finally get out its 1.0 version

Hmmm, I’m not familiar with any of the games they’ve licensed, though I have at least heard of Istanbul. I’d like some competition for TTS, but with that selection I’m not sure it’s going to be it.

Isn’t TTS super janky, and basically is an engine that needs user mods on top of it? This seems prettier, more polished and user-tested, for more mainstream appeal.

(for the rest of ppl so they can follow the conversation, here it’s the list of games, below

Imminent release of [Early Access] Downtown club … looks great for a Quest-only racer. Note, it’s by the same guy who made Virtual Raceway, and seems very similar, but with better graphics, better driving physics, and more polish. Mulitplayer to come.

Yes it is, but there are scripted mods for pretty much every popular board game, in some cases made by the designers. Certainly it would be great to have a more polished, mainstream version (this is not the first to try), but if I can’t play the games I want to play, then it’s not much use.

It was called V-Speedway, but yeah, nice video, I also had been waiting for this game. Very nice car handling and nice graphics for Quest, eve more taking in account this is a single-dev game.

edit: oh there is a new trailer now

Another 90% code, this time for Sushi Ben

edit, another one, for Zombieland Fever

Thanks for the codes! I have Zombieland already, would highly recommend for so cheap.

Walkabout mini golf recently got a nice patch featuring new game modes and a remastered Cherry Blossom course free of charge.