Virtual reality: to boldly game like we never gamed before...

I bought Downtown Club. It’s still in EA, the roadmap says more cars and two more zones will come in the future, and the driving and AI seems to need a tweek or two, but seems promising already. If everything goes well, it will be the best racing game on Quest. My referral (just a 3€ discount, as the game itself is cheap)

Yeah I bought it and have played a few hours. I’ve been doing a lot of AMB2, DR2 and WRC lately so it’s not a fair comparison, but you’re right, it’s a really good racer for the standalone quest. My problem is that it’s almost too hard, if you spin out a bit, the virtual wheel has a tendency to get me snarled up with my flailing hands, and the default cars are so low powered it’s almost impossible to regain your position within the 2 or 3 lap timespan. When I don’t mess up, though, I can get to the podium. I wish I knew what it felt like to play with a powerful car, it’s a bit of a stumble to not give players a taste of the good stuff in the early stages. Like maybe let us do a default race on a super basic track with all cars unlocked, but then you have to unlock everything progressively in events to use them on the other tracks. But yeah, it’s a good racer and I knwo I just griped about it, but I love the virtual wheel over the thumbstick. I’m considering getting a 3d printed wheel to stick the controllers on.

Yeah, if you look at the left side on the main menu, there are news section and the dev comments how he got feedback about the AI and handling being too hard, and that he will tweak it.

BTW, what’s the best VR racing game, on pc? With the asterisk that I don’t have a physical wheel, so I want something with a virtual wheel implementation.
I believe most of them don’t have that feature?

As far as I know , there are no serious PCVR enabled car games that aren’t gamepad/wheel based.

For track racing Automobilista2 is by far the prettiest for VR… Assetto Corsa apparently has mods to pretty it up but I’ve only tried default, AC Competitione drives well but looks pretty bad in VR. DirtRally2 is super pretty and my favorite for VR rally racing, and although I’m having a good time in EA WRC, you need a 4090 or you’re stuck using DLSS which makes it look like mud.

there are other games that I wish had VR, like Wreckfest etc.

I’d say Project Cars 3, as it comes down more on the game than the sim side, and plays well with controller.

Mudrunner uses the motion controllers. Ahh but you said racing. Sorry.

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Maestro: The game will cost 25€ , and they have announced the track list:

Wagner - The Ride Of The Valkyries
Orff - Carmina Burana
Verdi - Messa Da Requiem
Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre
Dvořák - From The New World
Prokofiev - The Dance Of The Knights
Stravinsky - The Rite Of Spring
Mussorgsky - Night On A Bald Mountain
Ellington - Caravan
Levy - Whiplash
Prima - Sing Sing Sing
Beethoven - The 5th Symphony
Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake
Mozart - Figaro’s Wedding
Mendelssohn - The Hebrides

I get so confused about these games… I’m guessing this Maestro isn’t Maestro VR

But is instead Maestro: The Masterclass?

That’s right.

That’s a GREAT tracklist, almost intimidating. I hope it’s the full songs and not just “greatest hits taken from these greatest hits.”

This could be pretty cool for VR games (and of course “metaverse” type apps)

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Thanks for this. I tried to redeem for both Runner and the football game but it appears you can only use it once per account. So I’m glad I grabbed Runner first, it looks fun.

It also looks like Meta is doing some summer thing where 2 games give you an hour to play free each weekend. I’m going to check out Real VR Fishing as I had that on my Oculus Go and remember it being fun and relaxing, maybe worth a rebuy.

Dungeons of Eternity is the other ‘free to play for an hour’ game this weekend.

apologies for multiple posts, need more coffee

So Arcade Paradise on PC (recently free on Epic) is pretty mid. However, Arcade Paradise VR on Quest is decidedly not mid. There are increased gameplay mechanics from the PC version, as well as new VR games. It’s now my new favorite VR game.

The PCVR version is coming next month for those of you who want that.

I must be the only person who wishes Arcade Paradise was more of a management sim and less of a retro arcade.

To be honest I kind of feel that way, too. The actual management in Arcade Paradise is very lightweight.

My dream arcade would be Age of Joy (MAME cabinets) combined with a meaty management sim, but the likelihood of that is near zero