Virtual whiteboard

Let’s say I want to have a teleconference with one or more locations, and I want the ability for folks to easily see and doodle on a sort of virtual whiteboard - i.e. as we’re fleshing out visual ideas, folks at each location could see the same image on the screen, and easily add text, doodles, or cut and paste images from elsewhere.

Is there a good, reasonably cheap software solution for this?

(Yeah, I know we could e-mail images and text back and forth, but that’s relatively cumbersome.)

You might look into Yugma…it’s a free download, and it has that feature, but I don’t remember at what point you actually have to pay for something. We’ve played with it here, and it had that feature.

try this: you can use it straight there or download a vmware appliance to host it yourself

IIRC, you can do that in MS Messenger.

Format is correct. Windows Live Messenger lets you send a doodle along with your text.
It is not interactive, though.

A Google search for “shared whiteboard” returns several hits, but I don’t have experience with any of them.

  • Alan

I like it! Good link.