Vista 64 sound problem

(New computers are just a pain in the ass!!)

Ok, for some reason I have to re install the sound drivers every time the computer goes into hibernation. Why???

Why do you have to reinstall the drivers? Is it starting the installation itself when you come out or do you have no sound or… Need more info (what card, what drivers, etc).

Ok, I have a Dell Studio XPS desktop, with RealTek drivers and Creative Drivers I got from the Dell website using my service tag. What happens is that I have sound, music, etc, and then if I leave the computer for an hour or so, the computer goes into hibernation, and then when I move the mouse for it to come out of hibernation, it does, but there is no longer any sound.

I have re-installed the drivers three times since Friday when I got the computer. I would like to have the computer go into hibernation when I’m not using it so I don’t have to turn it off completely and re-boot, but for now that’s what I’m doing.

How many playback devices do you have in the Sounds control panel app? Kind of sounds like you might have drivers for two sound cards installed (you should only have realtec or creative not both unless you actually have two sound devices in the computer).

Maybe its just defaulting to a different playback device when you wake up from sleep.

Yep, tronnc is right, I believe. You should disable your onboard sound in the BIOS and uninstall the RealTek drivers if you are using a Creative card or get rid of the Creative drivers if you are using the onboard sound.

If it’s a laptop, the “Creative card” is just X-Fi features in software. What I don’t know is if the Creative soft X-Fi is simply layered on top of the codec driver, or ships with its own codec. If it ships with its own codec for the Realtek hardware, then the Realtek drivers are superfluous.

It was mentioned that it was a Studio XPS desktop, if that makes a difference to whether the “X-Fi features in software” are available. I’m not familiar with the latter in order to make a judgement on it.

Ok, I got rid of the Creative thing and that seems to have solved the problem. Thanks all!