Vista error messages rule!

Upgrade to Vista, plug in your zune and get this:

Honestly, who picked THAT out?

Um, exactly what is that image behind the error message? Was that some pic you have for your background or is that a new standard Vista error screen?

it’s an EDGY Zune error screen. That error is also why I own an iPod instead.

its not wallpaper. Thats actually the error message. Graphics and all.

Hot Lezzy Action for the win!


Looks painful. Seems appropriate to express the extreme remorse the Zune team must feel about this incompatibility. Is there no update?

That’s fixed now, Lum. They released that patch a few weeks ago.

Welcome to last November! :) Seriously, that error screen was all over the blogs back when Zune was first launched - it’s the same screen that shows up on any installation error. Here’s a quick example:

Anyway, you can download newer Zune software that works fine in Vista. What John said.

I never took the Zune seriously enough to follow the news on it, I just sort of rolled my eyes and moved on when I saw a Zune headline.

That error message background does make me laugh at how edgy MS is trying to be, so maybe I should have paid more attention.

And right here at QT3.

Is that two chicks making out and the other having an orgasm? WTF?

I’m pretty sure Khan just put a brain slug in her ear.

And it’s not a Vista error, it’s a Zune error…

I think the world needs more orgasmic error messages, myself.

Doesn’t look like she’s having an orgasm to me, it looks like her jerk friends were wrestling and they rolled onto her arm. And now she is trying to push them off and grimacing in pain. Poor Zune girl :(