Vista pop up window thing problem

You know when you install a program or do something you get that “are you sure you want to do this” or “Vista needs your permission” window pops up?

Is there a way to turn that off? My probmem is that when accessing my computer with logmein, if that pops up, you can’t see it on the computer I am accessing from, so I can’t click OK…so I am basically stuck if I try to install something at home from work…


Yes, go into the user account control panel. You’ll find a checkbox to disable UAC there.

You need to change the screen depth in Logmein from 32-bit to 16-bit in order to see the UAC prompt.

ohh ok 2 good bits…thanks

That’s one of the more counter-intuitive workarounds I’ve ever heard.

Be aware, disabling UAC is removing almost all the protections that Vista is offering. You will be going back to a Windows XP security level. I would suggest if you ever download anything slightly questionable, turn on UAC before you install / run it the first time.

ok, yeah i do what the security- but i have been having issues with corrupted files when I dl… eg LOTOR is on its 5th dl… i get corrupted files everyting- so I turned off my fire wall and such…to see if it works this time…

My big issue what that message box not being viewable over logmein… if 16 bit works, then I can deal with the annoyance of some extra clicks.

Consistently corrupted downloads, particularly torrents, is often a result of failing RAM.

failing RAM or failing HD/HD controller or overclocked CPU causing CRC failures.

Be aware also that if you ever decide to turn UAC back on and make your user account from an administrator to a regular user, that you will be totally fucking screwed if you set the Administrator account password to something other than the default blank/empty. I had to do a System Restore from booting off the Vista DVD to fix my system because the UAC prompts will have no accounts selectable, as the Administrator account is disabled by default unless in safe mode. In safe mode if you changed the Administrator password to something other than blank then it will automatically log you off as soon as you try to login.

Lesson: Make a second Administrator level account called Root (or whatever else) and don’t touch it again after setting the password until you need to fix your computer. :)

  1. ram is brand new… hopefully it is still good

  2. I assume that so long as I don’t put a password in, it is ok…Vista may be pretty but man it can be wonky.

Well at least it’s expensive.

And even more often a result of running the Nvidia chipset firewall software.

Speaking of…how do you turn THAT one off? Or can you?

You have to uninstall the entire damn thing.
I found out that even with it “disabled” completely it was blocking me from getting an IP.

Bear in mind that in 16-bit mode you can’t see the little dialog in the top-left of the screen (the one that tells you that the computer is being controlled remotely). This isn’t a problem per se, but it took me ages to figure out why I couldn’t close certain windows (i.e., ones whose X control was behind that little dialog).

Amen. Had the EXACT same issue, wonky internet and download issues and this was the cause.