Vista question

So, Vista is right around the corner.
I’ve heard that it won’t have any “legacy support”, if I’m understanding this right, it means all my old games won’t work under Vista?

No. It means that hardware that most hardware will require new drivers. But most games seem to work, though some work very well and others don’t. A few games don’t run, but most games do.

Good, I’d hate to think that my 20 year collection of old games would suddenly be obsolete because of a new OS.

Well, to be fair, I dunno about those old DOS games. Unless someone rewrites DOSBOX for Vista.

Well, most of those are on 5.25 floppies, and therefore unusuable anyway.

I was thinking more along the lines of Master of Orion 2.

I’ve found that you can often use the XP version of drivers in Vista. I’ve one of those crappy Intel integrated chipsets (i915) in my laptop and I’m using the XP drivers.