Vista SP1 RTMs, but MS screws the pooch again

Uuuugh, so Vista SP1 went gold last week, and instead of putting it into next week’s monthly software update, MS is making it available next month. WTF??? I really need this update. It will fix a ton of issues that I am having. If it’s ready, then put it on the goddamned update service, MS. I hate how this company has become fucking beholden to corporate IT managers and not to actual consumers.

Anyway, rant off.

… because they used to be so nice to the little people?

From what I’ve read in media reports, there are some third-party that have issues that aren’t fixed. I’m sure you’d be fine with the update, Woolen, but if it goes down on WU and then, say, breaks the network drives for thousands of non-tech-savvy end users, that would be very, very bad. So they want the extra time to allow some driver updates to be finished and pushed up to WU.

Seems like they could put it up for a manual download in the meantime, though. Not sure why they don’t do that.

As usual, crappy third parties fuck it up for everyone else.

This is why Apple is primarily a first-party only ecosystem. No incompetents to screw things up behind their back, which apparently happens every month to Microsoft.

There’s a public release candidate you can install while you wait. You just have to uninstall it when the final is available. I’ve been running it for over a month and it’s a big improvement.

Woolen - could you name a few of the things it’ll help you with? I have Vista but still haven’t installed it… scared to see my game compatability go bye…bye.

My laptop came with Vista. I experienced fast bootups, extremely slow resumes, and a short battery life. Switching to XP fixed those things. I would be willing to switch back to Vista if I knew those problems would go away.

The final RTM is available on bittorrent, if you can’t wait. I’m certainly going to wait, myself.

Woolen - I don’t know if this article will help ease the waiting…,142233-page,2-c,vistalonghorn/article.html

I’ve had the final RTM installed for a few days now and everything’s working great. The only difference I’ve noticed so far is significantly speedier copying and moving.

Does the service pack update include Windows Installer 4.5 or whichever version the update was? The default one in Windows Vista keeps breaking on some of the PCs I do repair jobs on regularly, and there is no downloadable version to replace it, assuming you even could. Having to reinstall the Windows Installer because it has stopped installing and uninstalling things is kind of a paradox even if I do get the file…

I hope they’ve prevented the problem, so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

No offense, but I like my third party stuff. It’s kinda why I’m here.

Third parties include game devs. Something Apple doesn’t have.

I’m pretty sure that was Aeons point.

Is there any chance that this service pack will fix some of the lingering issues with games? Crashes when saving in the Witcher, that kind of thing? Will it obviate the need for user hacks like increaseuserva?

Yea, that’s what I was hoping Woolen would expand on.

Unfortunately for Apple, those incompetents are exactly what makes the PC ecosystem so staggeringly much larger.

…although after writing that I decided to check around a bit, and what do you know, it looks like the Mac is actually gaining rather nicely.


With SP1:

I think they’re a little embarrassed about something…


You realize that corporate licenses are a huge portion of Microsoft’s main business, right? ;)

P.S. I installed SP1 the other night and everything seems fine from what I can tell (which I haven’t really noticed anything yet since nothing was bugging me in the first place in any big way).

Yeah, MS had said that “everyone” who was buying Vista was getting Ultimate anyway, so the Extras weren’t doing anything worthwhile in drawing people in (i.e. that wasn’t the reason they were getting Ultimate…duh). They had said that they’d be scaling back the program, so it’s no wonder they changed the speak about Extras.

Personally, I was looking forward to the “Extras” and kept wondering why I wasn’t getting new ones on a regular basis. When they made that announcement it was rather annoying, since it’s abandoning something they promoted.