Vista: testing game hardware requirements

Gotta’ wonder if it’s using Futuremark code/database like the current XP system does? And will this Vista progie use 1-100, 1-10, 5 stars, or the more traditional A-F ratings system? :P

7 to 9.

That link is broken.

Not a good sign.

Link worked fine for me.

Check Jason Cross’ Extremetech article on Vista and gaming for a good overview of what the performance test stuff does.

Thanks for fixing the link, John. It ought to be interesting to see where the native rating system goes. I think this is a great idea, as long as it’s relatively accurate. I guess we just have to hope the PC makers don’t figure out how to get high marks with low end parts.

It doesn’t use any sort of database.

Vista has a feature called WinSAT (windows system analysis test or some kinda thing like that). You click a “test my PC” button and your computer runs through a series of tests, hammering algorithms common to normal windows operation, the new 3D desktop compositing engine, video decoding, and game playing. On the current beta it does this stuff in a little command line box, and it takes about 1-2 minutes to run through. Then Vista gives you a numeric rating for how well it does in each category. Can’t recall the categories offhand, but there are only like three - game performance, windows desktop performance, and maybe media peroformance or something like that. And an overall score.

The numbers I’ve seen so far are about 7 or 8 for a pretty high-end PC. I don’t think it’s 1-10, though. I think it’s 1-whatever…like a high-end PC of 2008 could get a 14 or something.

Anyway, the good news is that it doesn’t just look at your hardware and equate it to some Futuremark score or something. It runs actual tests. And the numbers aren’t something hard for newbies to understand, like a 3Dmark score of 7864. It’s pretty easy to understand “the game says I need a rating of 5, and I have a 7”

Jason, is this WinSAT included in beta 2 of Vista?