Vita Gets PS+

I understand that I’m probably the only one on this board, and perhaps the entire world, to have bought a vita. If there were others, though, they might be interested in the various and sundry stuff that came out today.

Today saw the launch of ps+ for vita, allowing subscribers to access a couple free games, including Uncharted. I knew my stinginess would pay off! Oh, there’s also Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Jet Set Radio, tales from space: mutant blob attack, and Final Fantasy Tactics. All for 18 bucks for 3 months, and the games change every few weeks.

In addition to that, there is also Persona 4: The Golden, the super highly reviewed enhanced version of the ps2 classic. I am downloading the shit out of that as I type. For casual fighters, there’s the new PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, which I enjoyed in beta form. There is also a portable version of Sine Mora, which I didn’t even see coming.

So, pretty awesome day! Just thought I’d post this in case there’s some vita owner out there, somewhere, system covered in dust, who wants to get back into the game.

Damn, this all makes me really want a Vita even more than knowing one can get PSP games for it.

How does this work? Do you only have access to those games while plus is activated? Can you activate then download them and have them in your “downloaded”/ owned pile forever even if you don’t have plus later on? Even if you keep plus, but they rotate the games out, what happens?

I have always wondered these things as now and then plus has something that looks worthwhile, but I can’t see me ever holding a subscription for any amount of time.

I believe that you have to maintain a PSN+ subscription if you wish to retain the games.

This should help, Chaplin. Essentially, if you have plus and you downloaded a free title once, you can redownload it to your heart’s content so long as you remain a member. Once you stop being a member and your time runs out, you can no longer access the free games you downloaded, but of course any you bought at a ps+ discount are still yours.

Unless you plow through games pretty fast I would recommend getting one year rather than 3 months as the games are no longer playable when your subscription runs out. Things that you bought on discount are yours to keep. If you have a PS3 its even better as each platform has different free games. I’ve had it for about 5 months now and the number of free games I’ve gotten is just unbelievable. It’s really a great deal for people like me who rarely buy console games. The latest is Resident Evil 5 Gold but I’ve also gotten Infamous 2, Saints Row 2, Little Big Planet, that Warhammer shooter, first two episodes of left for dead, Virtual Fighter 5 and many many more.

If your subscription lapses, but you later resubscribe you will also regain access to any game you previously downloaded while a plus member.

I have a Vita, PS+ and right now I’m downloading Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048 and Jet Set Radio. I already owned the other 3 games, but the three I didn’t have alone are a pretty good haul.

The automatic updates and Cloud Saves are also great features of plus. My Vita downloaded 3 patches last night, synced my trophies and backed up 16 saves to the cloud.

Lots of new features were just added to the Vita firmware last night, too. I did a write up with a bunch of screenshots here.

The only bad part is I think I’m gonna have to upgrade from my 16gb card, and I don’t know of any 3rd party options in the near or forever future.

Your best bet is to keep an eye out for a good deal on a slightly used 32GB card. I know they’ve shown up on Amazon Warehouse for as low as $60. I’m in the same boat. Adding the three games I’m downloading now will top out my 16 gigger.

I cant imagine needing more than 16gb, transfers to pc are quick and easy and even the downloads arent very slow. I can wait 30 minutes for a download, or 3 to copy a game on or off the card.

my 16gb fits like 8-10 games. If you have killzone that might hog some space but vita games are all pretty small, not many are hitting the 4gb cart limit

Though I dont tend to play a million games at the same time, so if you really do have like 14 games you always play I guess you’d need it. Or if you used it for movies and music but thats weird.

Here is a $95 64gb though:

also, holy shit this is an old thread. oops

That’s less than a 32gb card is selling for on Amazon.